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Battle at Red Hand Ranch

Big John, Rooster and Mississippi in pursuit of a murderous Apache posse led by ‘Vicious’ Victorio.
On Friday my Secret Wargaming Friend put on a game set in the West, and was a follow up of our last battle. My lawman posse were chasing the baddies belonging to my Grumpy Wargaming Friend (GWF). (He will be grumpy with me for saying that - self fulfilling prophecy I will assert 😂). He isn’t really grumpy......unless I make him play Rapid Fire. 

The leader of the Apache Posse. Victorio. Excellent painting by GWF.

This is the campaign map. I had been tracking Victorio and his band for a couple of days. They were looking for easy pickings and came across Red Hand Ranch. The ranch was owned by some Deutschtexaner. Hans and Gretel Ernst and their two children, little Hans and Bertha lived there.

Little Hans, and his sister Bertha playing at the farm.

To represent the distance I was behind Victorio and his men, I rolled a D4, throwing a 3. GWF would have three turns to wreak havoc.

All was quiet …

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