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World War One - air warfare

British Sopwith Snipe somewhere over the Western front.
It was a quiet morning, the sun shone softly through the puffy white clouds floating gently above the inhuman and senseless carnage in the French fields below.
Smudge Smith liked this time of day, and if he could takeaway the gnawing fear from the pit of his stomach, it would almost be a pleasant experience. But ultimately he was on a combat mission over the trenches with the sole aim of intercepting and shooting down enemy aircraft.
His wing man was a newly qualified Belgian pilot flying a Sopwith Camel aircraft.

Smudge looked at the fields below and thought it looked so peaceful - if only this was a flight during more fortunate times.
Blinking, he watched two dots appear on the horizon over enemy lines. His stomach tightened, enemy aircraft!

Turning slightly to starboard, and glancing over a shoulder to ensure his new Belgium comrade was following, he made a straight line to intercept the two dots, that even now, were growing bigger …