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Just a quick plug - Models for Heroes

During a visit to Portsmouth an article on the local news caught my eye. Please see a link for those who are interested.
Thank you.

Insurgency - Red v Blue

Today, me and my wargaming buddy played a little bit of 20mm force on force. It has been a long time since we played using these rules, so we were a little rusty. 

The table - suitably graced by some autumn sunshine.
I played Blue force, tasked with clearing some anti-government opposition from a small town in a fictional country.
Blue force direction and red force positions are shown on the map below (original obtained off the internet):

My good friend provided everything, the table, the terrain, the figures, the scenario and most importantly, the breakfast baguette. 

My troops just after the briefing.
The operation was simple, clear the town of anti-government rebels. The execution would be more problematic-the briefing had just finished when the first mortar shell landed.

Other sugary drinks are also available.

The view down the main High Street.
I was equipped with some decent support units, which included a sniper and machine gun team. They were put on overwatch almost immediately. I left…

Raid on Alzoc 3

The rebels had decided to conduct a raid in force on Alzoc 3. The primary aim to keep the Empire off balance, and away from their main planetary base.

The operation was split into three main phases.
Phase 1
The destruction of an Imperial communications satellite orbiting the planet, and subsequent insertion of a commando strike team.
Phase 2
The commando raid to destroy the back up communication facility.
Phase 3
The insertion of the main force elements to destroy Imperial facilities on the planet.

Phase one elements approach Alzoc 3. The YT2400 contained the four troop commando element. It had been an uneventful journey to this point.

They soon spotted the Imperial communications satellite.

Closely followed by two Imperial TIE fighters. Things progressed quickly from this point onwards.

The two escorting rebel fighters sped towards the Imperial fighters whilst the YT2400 swung round to destroy the satellite.

Meanwhile a TIE fighter flown by a rookie pilot was quickly dispatched by the rebels. Hi…

Not at all Quiet on the Western Front

Yesterday me and another good wargaming friend were hosted at my secret wargaming friends home. We were provided with a giant cooked breakfast baguette, washed down with copious mugs of steaming tea. 
The sun was shining, the air was warm and the briefing read over breakfast.
I was playing the Germans my opponent the British and our table was set near a small town on the Somme.

The battlefield
My briefing was fairly straightforward. Both the German and British Army had been heavily engaged in this sector, and my command had been reduced quite significantly as a result.
My orders were to hold the trenches at all costs, and to investigate a suspected downed aircraft or balloon in the town to the north.
I had in effect, one heavy machine gun, three rifle squads, some Grenadiers, and the two officers left alive, to complete my task. It was going to be tough!
I was also expecting a British assault at any moment.

A rifle section supported by the heavy machine gun were left holding the trenches.
I de…

World War One - air warfare

British Sopwith Snipe somewhere over the Western front.
It was a quiet morning, the sun shone softly through the puffy white clouds floating gently above the inhuman and senseless carnage in the French fields below.
Smudge Smith liked this time of day, and if he could takeaway the gnawing fear from the pit of his stomach, it would almost be a pleasant experience. But ultimately he was on a combat mission over the trenches with the sole aim of intercepting and shooting down enemy aircraft.
His wing man was a newly qualified Belgian pilot flying a Sopwith Camel aircraft.

Smudge looked at the fields below and thought it looked so peaceful - if only this was a flight during more fortunate times.
Blinking, he watched two dots appear on the horizon over enemy lines. His stomach tightened, enemy aircraft!

Turning slightly to starboard, and glancing over a shoulder to ensure his new Belgium comrade was following, he made a straight line to intercept the two dots, that even now, were growing bigger …