Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Magnificent Seven in 28mm


My Secret Wargaming Friend marked the opening of his new wargaming studio with a game of the Magnificent Seven. We had a blast.

In somewhat growing tradition we had bacon and egg baguettes to start the day off washed down by steaming mugs of tea or coffee.


We played a slight variation to the classic movie, but overall the game is very much along the lines of the magnificent seven. My secret wargaming friend had done a fantastic job with both the western houses, and our merry band of heroes.

Robert Vaughn

Our enemy was the dastardly band of bandits (try saying that with a mouthful of popcorn) led by the evil Calvera.

The town

The game started after the first thrashing of the bandits by our heroes, and began with their return to the village of the enemy and the subsequent major gunfight.

The local barmaid was popular.

We positioned four of our group on rooftops, and this worked out magnificently as we gunned down the bandits as they entered the town. Chris shot nine enemy figures on his own.

Robert Vaughn was placed in the chapel where we had half of the village in hiding, Vin was on the south end of the town guarding that exit and Charles Bronson on a nearby rooftop covering him.

Villagers hiding in the chapel

Robert Vaughn guards the only entrance


It wasn’t long before the bandits made an appearance

More and more poured into the town from different directions.

Soon our heroes were rushing around the town rescuing stranded civilians whilst fighting off the hordes of banditos.

A better shot of Calvera

Vin found him self surrounded, but with great help from Charles Bronson, he managed to fight his way out of trouble by the skin of his teeth.

The banditos started to spread themselves around the town

Despite the fierce resistance by Chris and Harry Luck, the bandits found their way to the rear wall of the chapel. All that stood between them and the frightened villagers was Robert Vaughn and his two six guns.

Meanwhile Vin (Steve McQueen) was confronted by four desperados, and only his magnificent gunnery skills saw him survive and kill three. Charlie Bronson got the fourth.

A group scale the wall and jump into the chapel grounds. Alone, and with little chance of help, Robert Vaughn dispatched each of them to meet their maker. What a hero.

In a non-scripted moment Vaughan rushes to the wall and a local dog interrupts the filming and rushes to the wall to protect him.

Much to the annoyance of my secret wargaming friend, Pepe (for that is the name of said dog), attacks a lone bandito who is later dispatched by Chris.

Meanwhile James Cockburn had made a fantastic lone defence of a cottage and found himself facing a group of desperados led by none other than Calavera himself.

A final climatic battle sees Cockburn alive but in desperate straits as we end the battle with a magnificent seven victory.

A great day, and brilliant opening of a new wargaming studio.

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  1. Wonderful stuff - Good to see the man cave was given a good opening :-)


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