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878 Vikings

Today, three of us played this excellent Boardgame by Academy Games at a Secret Wargaming Friends home. It was brilliant.

The front of the box.
The game, artwork and components are very well made.
Now, I have to confess to never being an Englishman or Viking in the period, but it just felt right. It gave a flavour of the times, and was great fun to play.

The game map. This is an additional map that our friend purchased. The map that comes with the game is on thick card board and smaller.
I played the Norsemen faction, my secret wargaming friend was also a Viking and took the Beserker faction, whilst our host played the two English factions.

King Alfred does not make an appearance until late in the game.

Beserkers are suitably colour and temperament.

Some English Local troop pieces.

We began by landing an invasion force under the command of  Bjorn Ironside. Little did he know he would spend the next 12-14 years fighting the English.

Northumbria quickly came under the control of Ir…

Battlecars - 1980’s nostalgia

My secret wargaming friend brought this classic Boardgame over today and we had a blast. I never played it as a kid, but SWF and my other secret wargaming friend both did.

The back of the box explains the idea.
Just think about a weaponised car and free for all battle, and you will get the idea 😊.

The playing area. You can edit and set up the map in anyway you wish. This is a Games Workshop game.
You set up your car by installing weapons in the weapons pod, or using passive defence mechanism such as smoke, or mines and spikes etc.

A blank outline of the car.

My set-up.
We started in various parts of the board and the objective was to be the last car standing.....very much like our local rush-hour.

We were soon zipping around at speed, when I found myself in the fortunate position of being able to try one of my shiny new rockets against an opponents shiny new car.
Each car also has armour fitted to the sides, front and back. With hits from weapons and ramming this armour deteriorates. This is …

News Bulletin for my Pacific Campaign - May 1944

As an aside the the European Theatre of operations, I am running a smaller solo Pacific Campaign which will also feature.

Portugal 1805 - movie of battle

A short movie of the battle with new photographs and music. 

Portugal 1805 - Sharp Practice II Battle

A peaceful coastal province in Portugal.
Today, my Secret wargaming friend put on another peninsula based battle.
My little force, under the command of  Major Julian Morris, a Welshman from the valleys, was tasked with aiding Wellington by drawing French units away from the main army. 
As a result, another coastal operation was planned, and was aided by the mighty 74 Gun HMS Indestructible. 
“Si vis pacem, para bellum”

Lt Pete Hope and his group were the first to arrive, and took up refuge in this barn. It overlooked the square. The men soon found a hidden bottle of Portuguese port and settled in for the game.

As billets go, it could be worse....

Captain Lawnmower and his group of sailors soon arrived to strengthen the British hold on the deserted farm. Our hero Richard Blunt and six chosen men arrived shortly afterwards.

It wasn’t long before some French scouts turned up.

Blunt had taken up position behind a solid stone wall on the left flank and soon gave the French scouts something to worry…