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World War 2 Campaign News - Day. Minus 1

A Teaser trailer for the campaign which commences tomorrow night.

World War II Campaign Map

A group of us will commence a World War 2 Campaign at the end of this September.

The campaign is based around the Normandy Invasion and events on the Eastern front. The idea is to give players a flavour of the campaign, but allow them freedom to change things around a bit.

Due to this, I have come up with a fictional Campaign Map.
Hopefully this will release them from historic bounds, whilst keeping an historic flavour - if you get my drift.
Anyway. Here is the campaign map:

Both the Allied and Axis players have the same map from which to operate and plan their victory.
I will be managing the campaign using Berthier Campaign manager.
Stayed tuned.

Star Trek - Ascendancy (Update)

The people of Romulus and Cardassia Prime woke up to the headlines.
A sudden and unexpected attack on a neutral and peaceful civilisation adjacent to the Romulus System. 
It would put a Cardassian base within striking distance of the Romulan homeworld.

There was an urgent meeting of the Romulan Government.
Peaceful overtures and backdoor communication by Romulan diplomats fell upon deaf ears. 
Efforts continued for a whole week. Nothing. 
The Cardassian Union made no response to the strenuous Romulan efforts aimed at a peaceful outcome.
There was silence, unnerving silence as the invasion fleet orbited the stricken planet.
The Romulan High Council were aghast. The Romulans were Cardassia’s biggest trading partner, contributing to around 40% of their total production. Far in excess of the 10% from the trade agreement with The Ferengi Alliance.
The Ferengi diplomatic delegation on Romulas shrugged their shoulders at the Romulan ambassador, they would not stand in the way of natural justice. Besi…

Hearts of Oak in Portugal

Today we played a continuation of a long running Napoleonic campaign set in Portugal. Today's scenario introduced some new characters.
I played the role of Captain Horatio Lawnmower, and welcomed the return of Richard Blunt and O'Rourke of the Rifles. In addition I had two groups of Salty Sea Dogs, and a unit of Royal Marines.
My mission - recover a British spy from a local monastery.

The terrain was exquisite.

Although, some buildings had been damaged by a recent storm.

Royal Marines on the beach.

Backed up by some Jolly Jack Tars.

Richard Blunts rifles were specifically tasked with making contact with the spy.
We were not expecting much interference from the local French troops, but there were Portuguese militia and guerrillas in the area.
We had been transported by Capt Lawnmowers 74 gun HMS Indestructible, which was anchored in the bay.
Rules used - Sharps Practice, first edition.

The Monastery 

Some of the peaceful monks. Our man would only reveal himself to the uttered phrase "…

Star Trek Ascendancy

Last Thursday we started a game of this fantastic board game. The Cardassian Union, Romulan Star Empire (try saying that with a lisp), and the Ferengi Alliance were all vying for galactic supremacy.
Each of us suited our prospective civilisations.
I, for example, suit the Romulans because I have broad shoulders. The Cardassian player suits sequins, and our Ferengi player.......

Is good at trading and making money........
We have all been at peace, trading quietly and exploring space.

The home-world of my peaceful and trust worthy Romulans.

Cardassia Prime. The Cardassian Union has been uncharacteristicly reserved thus far.

The mercantile Ferengi Alliance, who strangely have a larger fleet than anybody else in the sector.

Tau Cygnus V - the cross roads of the entire sector. In Cardassian Union hands.
Toward the end of the gaming day, a Cardassian fleet arrived unexpectedly at an independent Warp level 2 planet called Son'a Prime. They wiped the civilisation off the planet in an aggressive p…

Pony Wars

A couple of weeks ago we continued a scenario based on a pony Wars game we played a couple years ago. A cavalry unit was tasked with returning some Indians to a reservation. The Indians were led by a war chief called Brown Cloud.

Our follow-on scenario started with the senior officer, Colonel Graves having to guard his supply wagon which had a damaged wheel. 
He had previously called for additional reinforcements after the last encounter with Brown Cloud. This materialised with a cavalry company under the command of Lt Alleyne.
In an effort to keep up with the pursuit of Brown Cloud, the Colonel had dispatched a company under Captain Leet and the company under Lt Alleyne to continue the pursuit, whilst he remained behind to guard the damaged wagon.

Captain Leet , his bugler and two Indian Scouts on top of a hill observing Brown Clouds women and children heading for a village in the distance.
Captain Leet had dispatched Lt Alleyne to the north-west in an effort to outflank the Indians as th…