The Battle of Narwa - 1944

Yesterday we fought a Rapid Fire Scenario on the eastern front. My wargaming friend played the part of the mighty Soviet Union.

The battle was taken from the rapid fire supplement of eastern front scenarios 1941 to 1945.

The ground was covered in snow, and this affected the movement of vehicles and troops.

The general table layout

The Soviet forces started behind a railway embankment and had to place a tank platoon and an infantry company on the road at top end of this photograph.

The Soviet player had to achieve this objective in 10 moves.

Meanwhile the German defender (me), had a scratch force of units to defend the table, which included two platoons of tigers. One platoon was on the table at the start, the second platoon arrived as reinforcements after a D 10 roll.

A tiger waits to ambush the unsuspecting Soviet armoured units.

Are preplotted artillery bombardment soon put paid to my plans.

The Russian tank units advance quickly, or as quickly as possible in the snow, towards the objective.

They soon came upon fortified positions occupied by determined German defenders.

A single Stug platoon did its best to hold back the Soviet hordes, and it was quite successful.

The Soviets used captured German equipment against them.

They also made good use of their artillery and mortars.

However the Germans had an artillery observation point on a hill that dominated the battlefield, and this was used to direct rocket and 105 mm howitzer artillery fire onto the approaching Soviet armour.

The Soviet armoured assault was stopped dead in its tracks by effective German artillery, the Stug platoon, and the timely arrival of the second tiger platoon.

Meanwhile the courageous defence of the fortified strong points had slowed the Russian infantry, with the aid of the deep snow. 

It was agreed that the arrival of this unit had a sobering effect on the Soviet commander.

The Soviet units stalled midway along the table, and after careful consideration the Soviet commander decided that with moves left, he would not make the objective, and withdrew to start line.

The matter was reported in world news.


  1. A very enjoyable game. The Soviet's did achieve half their objectives :)


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