I have a small modern imagi-nations project on the go. Featuring two countries, Albian, and the People's Democratic Republic. They are vying for control over another country called Utopia.

Utopia was split by a previous war into two separate states, North Utopia which is under the influence of the People's Democratic Republic, and South Utopia, which is in the sphere of Albians influence.

This will be the focus of my modern micro armour and ships and aircraft. I will be using Modern Spearhead and Shipwreck rules.

In the meantime, the Albian football season kicked off with a big game between Albian City and Midchester United.

Albian City football ground

Albian City team before kick off

Midchester United in their 2017 kit

The match officials.

Albian City manager - Jock McDermott (in suit)

Midchester United coach - Trevor Coombes (Stood in tracksuit)

The crowd cheering on the start of the new season.

Kick off.

The game was controlled from early on by possession play of Albian City. Midchester United where restricted to one shot at goal.

Toward the end of the first half, Albian City forward Ethan Hazard opened the scoring for Albian City.

Midchester United fans in despair.

The second half saw very much the same, clear pressure by Albian City. Rare attacking chances for United.

Midway through, Albian no10 Tony Bangham scored and put the game beyond doubt.

Coombes looks on in frustration.

The final score.

The home fans were jubilant.

Dejected United players shake hands with the boss.

And applaud the travelling support.

Albian City players jubilant with their impressive first win of the season.

Imagi-Nations let your imagination run riot!


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