Wings of Glory - mini map campaign

A couple of weeks ago (16th June), we played a mini air campaign using the computer software called Berthier. My opponent played the Allies in the run up to the Normandy invasion.

A B25 is despatched to bomb a factory complex

The plane approaches the target.

Bombs away....missed

That same day, B17's are sent to bomb an infantry formation, protecting the so called ' Atlantic Wall '

The target

The approaching bomber...

Unfortunately the bombing was not accurate.

As night fell, RAF Bomber Command sent a Lancaster to attack a suspected radar facility. A night fighter flew ahead to clear a path through any likely Luftwaffe night fighters.

The Lancaster - 'Grogs the shot'

The night fighter sweeps ahead.

And swings by just as the bomber drops her deadly cargo.

Direct hit!

The Luftwaffe failed to intercept any of the raids, and now they have lost a coastal radar facility. The USAF also needs to tighten up on its bombing accuracy.

A nice play test of the system - which also threw up some scenarios that would not normally appear in a regular Wings of Glory game.


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