Star Trek Ascendancy

Today three of us got together to lead Star Trek civilisations in an epic battle of galactic empire building.

The Federation faced off against the Klingon Enpire, and the Romulan Star Empire (try saying that with a lisp).

We have played several games before, and each one has resulted in a different game experience. I think it is an outstanding game that captures the essence of the Star Trek universe.

I have currently pre-ordered the two additional expansion's, which will add the Cardassian and Ferengi to the mix.

One of my friend bears an uncanny resemblance to the Ferengi.

Earth is protected by a mighty federation fleet.

It wasn't long before the Klingons had built a fleet, which found itself sitting menacingly close to the Federation border.

Meanwhile, the Romulans had also brought a 'mining' fleet close to the Federation border. This resulted in them 'convincing' a Level 3 Warp civilisation to join the Star Empire.

The evolving map is a key game play feature, and is a major design success in our humble view.

The players, in effect, design the map board as the game progresses, and luck and chance also play a part with exploration cards.

An example of one of the cards.

Our sprawling map. This was the first game we played which didn't result in any military conflict-but it was still an interesting encounter and resulted in a trade alliance between the Klingons and Romulans. Leaving the Federation isolated and vastly out manufactured by both races.

Even the Klingon player raised a smile.....

A great game, and good company.


  1. A great game. I think it would be possible to win without firing a shot in anger.


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