Wings of Glory battles

Today I dug out some Wings of War/Glory planes and battled my friend over the sky's of the Pacific and Europe. The day was interspersed with an excellent lunch. Happy days 😊


The first battle was a simple dog-fight between a Zero and Wildcat somewhere in the Pacific.


We hadn't played for a bit, so it was an excellent scenario to get to grips with the game again.


The planes sped toward each other, the pilots keen to get their first bag of the day....

My wargaming friend piloted the Wildcat

All too soon our rusty flying skills almost caused a head on collision, but serious damage was avoided, only pride was dented...


Great flying by the American pilot resulted in the Wildcat outmanoeuvring and making a decent attempt at tailing the Zero...


But our plucky IJN pilot was not finished yet


Another glancing collision caused too much damage to the American fighter and soon the pilot was hitting the silk as his plane plummeted to destruction.


The Wildcat pilot was treated to a Victory fly-past by his opponent....

The next battle was also set in the Pacific. A IJN Val, escorted by a Zero was sent to sink a Fletcher class destroyer sailing to bombard some Japanese troop emplacements.

Two Wildcats were sent to intercept the bomber force. I played the Japanese side again, still flush from my earlier victory.


The Val and Zero approach their target....


The two Wildcats fly over the intended target for the sortie.


The two formations closed quickly and in a flurry of machine gun fire damage was scored to all the planes. The pilot of the Val was injured, and so was his opposite Wildcat pilot, the second Wildcat spewed smoke and had the escorting Zero on his tail.


As the Val closed within bombing range, the Wildcats desperately tried to close. Luckily, some excellent marksmanship resulted in the Val falling from the sky.


In the knick of time too...

We then moved onto a Dambuster scenario. Each of us flew a dummy run in the Welsh mountains in preparation for a live operation (building anticipation 😊).


Our beautiful plane. My friend flew the first run.


The Eder dam - our target.


The first attempt by my wargaming friend resulted in an explosion, but no damage to the dam.


My first attempt failed to produce a release of the bomb - poor approach, which resulted in a fly around and second attempt - the bomb falling helplessly short of the target.

For our final game - we were in the sky's over Europe. I piloted a B17 against my opponents FW190.


FW190 speeds towards my plane. A hit from the front machine gunner caused flames to leap out from his plane.


A 1944 shot of the same scene below:


The bomber managed to approach the target and drop its bombs without much interference from the enemy fighter.


Bombs away!


Missed the target!!!

The bomber turned for home, to be pursued by the now burning fighter. The race was on.


The unscathed target - an industrial centre.


Slowly but surely the fighter closed on the lumbering giant.


Soon the tail gunner was in action, scoring hits, but the fighter weaved to and fro raking the bomber on each pass.

One hit started a small fire, near some ammunition......

Shortly afterwards....


BOOM. The B17 exploded. Just moments from safety, and just as the FW190 turned for home, itself heavily damaged.

An excellent day ended with a true nail-biter.


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