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Golan 73

Yesterday saw an introductory game of the GMT Golan 73.

We worked our way through the first couple of turns to get a feel for the game mechanics. The verdict, I think we will play the game again 👍.

The initial set up on the map.

The 🇮🇱 forces are on the blue wooden block, the 🇸🇾 on the green.

The onslaught begins....

The game mechanics allow the assignment of assets to larger formations, and the playing of 'historical events' to influence the course of the battle.

By the end of the first day, the 🇸🇾 forces had broken the 🇮🇱 front line and it became a mission of fire fighting.

Here you can see the 🇸🇾 artillery assets assigned to an assault, and some defensive minefields placed by the 🇮🇱 army.
A quick taste of the game - run through in slow time so we could both get used to the new rules. I recommend the game 👍

Wings of Glory battles

Today I dug out some Wings of War/Glory planes and battled my friend over the sky's of the Pacific and Europe. The day was interspersed with an excellent lunch. Happy days 😊

The first battle was a simple dog-fight between a Zero and Wildcat somewhere in the Pacific.

We hadn't played for a bit, so it was an excellent scenario to get to grips with the game again.

The planes sped toward each other, the pilots keen to get their first bag of the day....

My wargaming friend piloted the Wildcat
All too soon our rusty flying skills almost caused a head on collision, but serious damage was avoided, only pride was dented...

Great flying by the American pilot resulted in the Wildcat outmanoeuvring and making a decent attempt at tailing the Zero...

But our plucky IJN pilot was not finished yet

Another glancing collision caused too much damage to the American fighter and soon the pilot was hitting the silk as his plane plummeted to destruction.

The Wildcat pilot was treated to a Victory fly-past b…