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The Eastern Front - 1941

An all dayer saw the might of the Wehrmacht attempt to capture a factory complex somewhere in the Soviet Union in 1941.
The day started with a very civilised briefing complimented by bacon and eggs and washed down by mugs of steaming tea.

A German Kampfgruppe had been tasked with capturing a Soviet factory complex adjacent to a major river in southern Russia.
Speed was of the essence. The initial Russian forces consisted of a depleted independent tank battalion, supported by a weakened infantry rifle regiment.
The rules were Rapid Fire - 1st Edition. Fast play and allow a flavour of the period.

A Russian BT7 tank. Rapid fire rules equate 1 vehicle representing a platoon, and one figure 15 men.
The German reconnaissance Battalion advanced quickly down the main road. To be met by some very effective (too effective due to mis-umpiring) artillery fire. Resulting in some heavy damage and destruction to the armoured car companies.
This set the tone for the remainder of the battle.

The devastated ar…