Thursday, 4 August 2016

Attack Wing evening

A couple of games of Star Trek Attack Wing were played last night. The Federation faced off against the Klingon Empire, whilst a Cardassian fleet tried to shake off the yoke of Dominion control.

The Feceration fleet manoeuvres toward the Klingon aggressors who had invaded this sector.

The Klingon squadron cloaked immediately and attacked.

The two fleets approached and soon phasers were hitting targets. The Klingons found themselves facing four starships to their three Birds of Prey. 100 points for each fleet. I went for generic attack points, quantity over quality, and the first exchange of salvos seemed to vindicate that decision.

The Klingons were shocked by the ferocity and accuracy of the Federation attack as they swept through, and past the Federation fleet. They seemed a little disjointed, and the senior captain made some errors.

There was some close manoeuvring.

The one thing I learned was that my two light ships, a Nova class and a Miranda class could be more than a match for Klingon manoeuvrability.

Captain Mercadai Paul Leet - Captain of the Miranda class starship. He would sacrifice himself to protect Federation citizens.

Federation ships turn to pursue the Klingons. The Galaxy class makes a slow swing to starboard.

The two light ships close in on the Bird of Prey. At this point the Miranda had no shields, and was heavily damaged, her manoeuvrability suffering as a result. Captain Leet fought to keep her in the battle.

The Intrepid class ship, under the command of Captain Strangely Brown found herself bumping off the atmosphere of a nearby planet.

The lumbering Galaxy class took an age to return to the fray. Shortly after this photo, Capt Leet and his ship were destroyed by a salvo of Klingon photon torpedoes.

Despite the victory against the Miranda class ship, the Klingons were in a bad way themselves.

They lost all three ships in quick succession. An excellent victory by the Federation fleet, tinged with sorrow at Leets loss.

It was agreed that the initial errors by the Klingon senior captain had been instrumental in the resounding defeat.

Cardassian v Dominion

The Cardassian fleet attempts to break free of Dominion shackles.

We were a little pushed for time during this battle.

Hediki fighters - they would be a constant thorn in the side of the dominion, even after 50% loses.

The Dominion boasted some powerful units, which included weapons that cut through shields as though they were not there.....

The battle was frantic, with the fighters weaving in and out of the Dominion fleet. A Cardassian Galor class starship was destroyed before we had to call it an evening. The Dominion flagship was also heavily damaged.

However, the renegade Cardassian fleet failed in its mission.

A great evening of Star Trek combat

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