Sometimes an alternative universe is what you need

Sometimes, all the ill in the world makes you want to dream of a different time and place.....this is part of the attraction of Star Trek universe to me. Have I mentioned that I thoroughly enjoy Star Trek Attack Wing? - hopefully this will link nicely with the new Star Trek RPG game due out in 2017.......
A Federation squadron on manoeuvres, using my new space mat

A different view

Meanwhile, in a different sector, a Federation science vessel is intercepted by a Klingon scout ship.

It looks as though this Cardassian fleet has its hands full " Resistence is futile "

A research mission to a new planet

Federation war games are being monitored by an unseen ship (name the episode).

A Bajoran scout squadron encounter a new race emerging from the wormhole..........

Wednesday night, will see some Star Trek action.....


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