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Wednesday night teaser - World War 2 in the Pacific

Somewhere in the Pacific a Japanese garrison has arrived on the (fictional) island of New Utopia.
Patrols are established.
The commander of the troops has been given some of the latest equipment available.
They prepare their defences......and wait...........
Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the allies conduct some final live firing exercises......
They too have been given some of the latest equipment.
The exercise has highlighted some training issues to the regiment commander.
They were too slow getting off the beach.........
To be played Wednesday evening.

Red Storm Rising

The commander of the 2nd Guards Tank Army was confident, he had 5 divisions under his command facing 3 Danish Brigades and the Dutch Corps. Late intelligence had identified that the West German 6th Panzer-Grenadier Division had been added to the Dutch order of battle, and even this late news did no dampen his spirits.
His task was simple, break the NATO lines and capture Kiel and Hamburg. Once these objectives were met, he would move to occupy Denmark, and advance to the Elbe River.
The occupation of Denmark would allow the Soviet Air Force new airbases from which they could influence the naval battle of the Atlantic, and hopefully prevent NATO men and material from reaching the battlefield in Europe.
Spearheading the assault would be the 16th Guards tank division, equipped with T72 main battle tanks. He had reinforced this unit with an extra battalion of T72's, and artillery. It was his most potent unit.
To the south, he linked with the 20th Guards Army who were going to push toward,…

Wednesday Night Teaser - Red Storm Rising

Tonight we are going to fight World War III, set in the mid 1980's, using a board game printed in 1989 - Red Storm Rising, based on the best selling novel by the late Mr Tom Clancy.
The board is set
The Warsaw Pact is deployed
Will the French save the day?
Or will Soviet Airborne troops break the NATO defence.

Stayed Tuned Folks......

Korea 1950 - Wargame simulations

I have made some YouTube videos using two wargame programmes that I have:

DCS World
Theatre of War - Korea

Both the videos show (briefly) two battles that were made using the mission editors.

Air war over Korea and a battle for a key bridge:

Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy

This book is my number one favourite. It has been since I first read it in the late 1980's (I mislaid the original I think it had a red cover - the one above is a modern replacement) It resonated with me, and was a riveting read and exploration of the Cold War gone hot. I re-read it every 3 or so years and still thoroughly enjoy the rollercoaster ride. I have not done this with any other book.
I bought the early Harpoon game for my Amiga 500 and played out the various scenarios, always with Clancy's (and Larry Bond's) take on WW3 very much in my mind. I could never find a book to match its attraction, including the ones written by Bond - although I have fond memories reading them with a cold beer in a summer holiday caravan in Cornwall when my kids were small and asleep.
I also loved the classic Microprose submarine game - Red Storm could even command a Sturgeon class submarine in that game. I remember playing a game called Red Lightening too, but never finish…

Three days of terror - Zombie Apocalypse - part 4

We parked up in view of the first road barricade at Staunton and switched the engine off. It was still too early to put the radio call into the detective, and the battery was low so we needed to conserve it.
All were asleep, no doubt brought on by the drop in adrenaline after the battle to get the car, apart from The Sarge and PC Le├Ęt.
They spoke in hushed conversation, both scanning the horizon for threats as they did so.
" My retractable bubble pool was due to be fitted the day this madness started " said PC Leet, out of the blue.
The Sarge was perplexed, he had never heard of such a thing. " Was it? " He said, not wishing to appear rude or foolish, and confused by the concept.
PC Leet looked at him as though he had curled one down in the car.." You sit in one in your bathing suit and drink alcohol, and the bubbles relax you! " he added, not sure if the sarge was joshing with him.
" You mean a jacuzzi " the sarge replied in a tired sounding voice