Pacific wargame

We played the first evening of a fictional Pacific WW2 games a few weeks back. We intend to continue tomorrow evening. It features and invasion by allied forces, and includes naval warfare.

U.S. Marines storm ashore, supported by some 14inch shells from a supporting battle wagon.

The Japanese defenders aggressively attack a Sherman platoon and soon destroy it as a fighting force.

The marines take cover on the beach and use smoke to hide their movement.

Two companies move into the interior....

It is not long before the engage Japanese infantry.

Other defenders await the assault.

An early casualty of a tank engagement.

The Japanese player began to realise the weakness of his equipment, and the strength of the allied firepower.

The allied forces build a strong beachhead.....

Japanese forces edge toward them.

Meanwhile at sea, a naval engagement is underway....

An IJN heavy cruiser

Her consort

Allied vessels engage the enemy.

USS Marblehead.

To be continued......


  1. Nice to see a Pacific Theater game! Often neglected by WWIIgamers in favour of the European side of things.


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