Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy

This book is my number one favourite. It has been since I first read it in the late 1980's (I mislaid the original I think it had a red cover - the one above is a modern replacement) It resonated with me, and was a riveting read and exploration of the Cold War gone hot. I re-read it every 3 or so years and still thoroughly enjoy the rollercoaster ride. I have not done this with any other book.

I bought the early Harpoon game for my Amiga 500 and played out the various scenarios, always with Clancy's (and Larry Bond's) take on WW3 very much in my mind. I could never find a book to match its attraction, including the ones written by Bond - although I have fond memories reading them with a cold beer in a summer holiday caravan in Cornwall when my kids were small and asleep.

I also loved the classic Microprose submarine game - Red Storm could even command a Sturgeon class submarine in that game. I remember playing a game called Red Lightening too, but never finished it.

I have recently started reading it again, and was browsing the Internet for a strategic game of the conflict, and came across two board games brought out in 1989 and 1990:

You can link the two games together and fight the complete conflict, with the convoys on the Red October game responsible for the reinforcements on the land game (Red Storm Rising) and moving air squadrons from the land theatre to the sea theatre etc.

So I bought them.........and was like a kid at Christmas waiting for them to arrive....

I now have them.

I will, at last, be able to game something I have wanted to do since 1989........

I will report when that happens.


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