Three days of terror - Zombie Apocalypse part 3

The table layout. We start at the bottom of the picture, and the car is at the top.

An examination of the table revealed some wandering minstrels dressed in ' Allo Allo ' garb......or as my host put it in a grumpy ' stop your larking about ' tone - more survivors......I apologise for the blurred picture but one of my war gaming buddies nudged me in a rush for the chocolate digestives.

This is the third game in a series put on by my Secret Wargaming Friend, all the models, terrain and buildings are by his skilled and patient hand, along with the scenario setting and campaign - and very nice it is too.

As you will no doubt recall, mainly because you were on the edge of your seat after the last instalment, The Sarge and PC Leet had set off alone to get the police car they had left just outside Staunton.

This game focussed on what happened next.

The others of the group decided that it was unfair to let the two bobbies try and get the car on their own, so they set off in pursuit. Three of the survivors rescued in the last game joined PC Graves, attempting to pay a debt of gratitude for their rescue.

The motley crew convened a huddle and discussed their plans.

They were not alone for long. 

The group decided to stay off the main road, and controversially, attempted to avoid the other group of (Allo Alło) survivors. The worry about feeding more people over rid the sense of duty.

There was a foot race across the fields to a bridge....PC Leet made it first.

The undead may not be quick, but they are observant, they cannot fail to note the powerful scent of fear left by the group....although that may have more to do with the 5kg bag of boiled Brussels sprouts they made into a soup last night...

Unfortunately there were more of the zombies on the other side of the bridge.

The rearguard managed to keep them at bay.

There was some close quarter battles

The race to the car......

We hoped the car was still in couldn't guarantee that with our crafty umpire!

To our disappointment there were some undead milling around the car, probably tempted by the empty fast food containers in the front passenger footwell......

More undead close around the group - things were beginning to get desperate......

Meanwhile, we were desperately trying to force our way to the near yet so far!

We were strung out from the bridge, across the field and near the police car. Some desperate hand to hand fighting took place.

Meanwhile, the other survivors move toward the commotion.....

A vicious battle took place as, pressed on three sides,  our group were forced to engage, more closely, the enemy...

Surprisingly we did not suffer a single casualty and made it to the car, luckily it still started!

We sped away, knocking some of the undead out of the way....

We approached the other group of (Allo Allo) survivors to find that they were in fact zombies....told you our umpire was a devious bugger!

We were relieved to have made it out in one piece........we now had to get back to the compound......stay tuned for part 3


  1. Looking forward to playing the next instalment. All jolly good fun.

  2. I thought the police had to do fitness tests now. PC Leek looks a little portly.

  3. I think you mean PC Leet is a bit portly.


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