Sunday, 31 May 2015

Three days of terror - Zombie Apocalypse part 3

The table layout. We start at the bottom of the picture, and the car is at the top.

An examination of the table revealed some wandering minstrels dressed in ' Allo Allo ' garb......or as my host put it in a grumpy ' stop your larking about ' tone - more survivors......I apologise for the blurred picture but one of my war gaming buddies nudged me in a rush for the chocolate digestives.

This is the third game in a series put on by my Secret Wargaming Friend, all the models, terrain and buildings are by his skilled and patient hand, along with the scenario setting and campaign - and very nice it is too.

As you will no doubt recall, mainly because you were on the edge of your seat after the last instalment, The Sarge and PC Leet had set off alone to get the police car they had left just outside Staunton.

This game focussed on what happened next.

The others of the group decided that it was unfair to let the two bobbies try and get the car on their own, so they set off in pursuit. Three of the survivors rescued in the last game joined PC Graves, attempting to pay a debt of gratitude for their rescue.

The motley crew convened a huddle and discussed their plans.

They were not alone for long. 

The group decided to stay off the main road, and controversially, attempted to avoid the other group of (Allo Alło) survivors. The worry about feeding more people over rid the sense of duty.

There was a foot race across the fields to a bridge....PC Leet made it first.

The undead may not be quick, but they are observant, they cannot fail to note the powerful scent of fear left by the group....although that may have more to do with the 5kg bag of boiled Brussels sprouts they made into a soup last night...

Unfortunately there were more of the zombies on the other side of the bridge.

The rearguard managed to keep them at bay.

There was some close quarter battles

The race to the car......

We hoped the car was still in couldn't guarantee that with our crafty umpire!

To our disappointment there were some undead milling around the car, probably tempted by the empty fast food containers in the front passenger footwell......

More undead close around the group - things were beginning to get desperate......

Meanwhile, we were desperately trying to force our way to the near yet so far!

We were strung out from the bridge, across the field and near the police car. Some desperate hand to hand fighting took place.

Meanwhile, the other survivors move toward the commotion.....

A vicious battle took place as, pressed on three sides,  our group were forced to engage, more closely, the enemy...

Surprisingly we did not suffer a single casualty and made it to the car, luckily it still started!

We sped away, knocking some of the undead out of the way....

We approached the other group of (Allo Allo) survivors to find that they were in fact zombies....told you our umpire was a devious bugger!

We were relieved to have made it out in one piece........we now had to get back to the compound......stay tuned for part 3

Three days of terror - Zombie apocalypse part 2

We have been playing Zombies. The traditional, and original slow, walking, flesh consuming zombies. None of these fashionable run like the wind zombies that are currently in vogue....and thank goodness for that!

A police vehicle. In fact it is ours. We left it in an out of the way safe place as we approached Staunton on foot. Now, we were returning to fetch it.

We had successfully secured some meagre supplies and a defendable safe position on our previous outing, but we needed more food and water, and to get the car. A now familiar group huddle. It was decided that the group would move to the two remaining and unexplored buildings in the hamlet, and me (the dashing Sgt), and my faithful sidekick, PC Leet, would move and recover the car. Should be a breeze, we just needed to fight our way through an army of undead flesh eaters to succeed.......

The undead. They don't seem to have much of a life, just hanging around in groups in the village centre, shuffling and mumbling in unintelligible voices to each other........I said undead, not teenagers......

We left the detective, and the girl with the hunting rifle to guard our base, whilst we jumped over the back wall in an effort to escape the mass of undead in the village.

The ' sneak quietly out the back, and move across the fields and away from the town' tactic worked well.

Even the quiet attempts of PC Leet trying to chat up our girl with the bow didn't attract much attention from either the girl, or the zombies.

The view from outside the secure gates of our compound. At a set time, we instructed the detective to bang the drum (quite literally) to draw the zombies to the compound, so we could get to the two houses in relative safety. This worked, but an unintentional consequence was that he was also drawing zombies out from the fields and directly toward our little group....

Our quiet walk through the fields soon turned into skirmishes with the undead. Machete man, who is quite truculent still, is close to joining their team rather than ours...meanwhile the drum banging goes on, drawing more and more zombies to the village...(note to self: think things through properly next time you formulate a daring plan).

Poor dice rolls failed to stop our fine detective noticing the problem and stopping his pre-arranged action...

Our first objective...

We managed to get to the fence and climb into the farmyard. The team the split up to search the will note that the girl with the bow has managed to successfully disentangle herself from the attentions of PC Leet.

We discovered other survivors, an old lady, young boy and 18 year old girl...great more mouths to feed. They told us that there were two more family members trapped in a building opposite.

A 'hasty' plan was formed. The group would split. Me and PC Leet would attempt to rescue the people trapped in the building opposite, release them, and go on alone to recover the car, the others would return to the compound after searching for food.

The shop in which there are two survivors, or a horde of hidden undead........

PC Leet, keen to protect 'his sarge' volunteered to run across the road first and put the door in.

Inside we find the two other survivors intact and safe. We tell them the news that their other family members are also safe. They both have tears in their eyes at the news. We instruct them to get back quick...they don't hesitate.

Their run to the barricade draws out some undead.

The group prepare to return to the compound......

The noise attracts the undead. At this point the detective had noticed the error in the plan and had stopped banging the drum.

They crowd the barricade........

The view of the back yard of the shop in which Leet and the Sarge are trapped.........

The Sarge and PC Leet spring out of the back of the shop, and use their ' mark one ' legs to scarper through the zombies and out into the fields toward the car. No little courage, and some fine dice rolls paid off......

Meanwhile, the other group, under the leadership of PC Graves made their way toward the compound.

The undead still pushed against the fence and barricade.....

The group huddle in the compound. The sarge and PC Leet are still on their own. A decision is made.....

Thursday, 7 May 2015

" There are no such things as monsters...."

Last night, after visiting my friends home, which incidentally, is adjacent to a large cemetery, I found myself leading a band of survivors in an effort to, well.....erm....survive a zombie apocalypse.....

This is me, dressed as a good old British Bobby, with some shades and modern body armour and some firepower. It is the apocalypse you know, a kind word and old fashioned clip round the ear doesn't seem to deter the zombies...The bloke on the right, in civvies, is one of my CID colleagues. Needs a bloody haircut if you ask me.

Over the last 18 months or so, the world as we know it has succumbed to an Ebola crises, which mutated into a zombie crises after the W.H.O panicked and authorised the use of some untested vaccines.

Despite our stiff upper lip, even Old Blighty descended into chaos. 

I am the Sergeant in command of a small group of bobbies, who did their duty to protect the community in a market town in England, until all communication was lost, and only a handful remained. It was at that point, I said " Sod this for a game of soldiers - we're off lads ".

We met up with three survivors who we found hiding in the local library, desperately writing a note to the absent librarian informing her that they had borrowed " How to survive a zombie apocalypse " and " 101 games to play on a rainy afternoon " but had forgotten their library cards. Typically British.

The market town had become too dangerous, the amount of undead seemed to be multiplying daily, and I simply did not have the team left to keep safe. The decision was made to leave and look for a defendable position to take stock.

We quietly wandered the countryside for a few days before we came across the hamlet of Staunton.

The view of Staunton from a nearby Folly atop of a hill.

A group huddle, and it was decided that we would have to go in and look for supplies, none of the farmhouses we had passed had anything left in them.

The view as we approached the hamlet. Barricades. Clearly there had either been trouble, or they were expecting some.....

It is amazing how even a 28mm figure of a relatively attractive female can draw the view of the male reader...don't you think? (Even a blurred picture) - she played no part in the nights events, but several of my fellow survivors hope to bump into her later on.....

Local knowledge informed me that Staunton had three shops, including the grocers Emersons. There was also an old Victorian factory that may afford us a reasonably secure base.

Smiths Metal Works - may be a good site for rest and recuperation......

We had to enter Staunton from the opposite end of the factory because the Staunton pedestrian bridge was burnt to a cinder, we were not sure if this was vandalism, or a desperate attempt to stop zombies, either way, we had to follow the road as it wound its way adjacent to the Stour river, and thus ended up on the opposite side of town.

I briefed the team, " Quiet, quiet, quiet. No shooting unless as a last resort. Stick together, and don't do anything unless I say " the bobbies said " Yes Sarge " they trusted me. The civvies looked at me like I was some kind of power crazed nutter, but nodded reluctantly.

We moved as quietly as we could up to the back gate of a shop. Already two of the group had fallen behind....

They preferred to stand under the cover of some trees, observing our actions.

The bloke with machete clearly had trouble following my instructions, he either distrusted the police, or was nervous about taking the library books without his card.

The ominous sound of groaning and shuffling focussed his mind. Three undead appeared a few yards from his hiding place.....

Meanwhile, we managed to open the gate quietly, and two of my team walked in to recce the yard. " Clear " they whispered. Kat, the girl with the bow started to take aim at the three zombies behind us.

An aerial view.

The others, including 'Machete Boy' decided to move quickly, encouraged by the nearby undead, and joined us in the yard. We were safe, but could hear more 'Zeds' in the hamlet ahead.

We moved to the back door....locked.

" PC LEET " I whispered " force entry". 

Which he did in a not very subtle kick  - with size 11 made one hell of a noise.

" Sorry Sarge " he said, looking glum.

Suddenly one zombie after the other started to come from nowhere and approach the fence. Kat used her bow to good effect whilst we searched the shop for supplies. We found enough for two people.

Kat and CID bloke guard the fence during the search.

I decided that we needed to get away from the first shop, the noise of forcing entry had attracted between 20-30 zombies, all of whom seemed keen to congregate and push against the thin wooden fence separating us and them......

We moved to the adjacent shop boundary fence, and started to climb over. PC GRAVES, the bald headed officer stood on over watch.

More and more zombies were moving toward the fence. I began to worry.

The sound was the worst, a low dull wargaming friend had discovered I had eaten the last chocolate digestive.

We got over the fence and to some relative safety. I forced entry this time, quietly and a quick search of the shop resulted in locating supplies for six people.

It was time to run to the factory.

We burst out of the shop and ran down the lane, some were fitter than others......

Kat didn't hear the order to move out and found herself quite far behind the group. A zombie shuffled toward her...

She needed to get a move on.

Meanwhile we were trying to force the locked gates open...more and more zombies became aware of us.

I did my best to keep the zombies at bay whilst everyone got into the factory compound. I took down three Zeds.

Luckily, some of the zombies where still milling around by the fence.

We got into the compound and secured the substantial gate, hoorah for Victorian workmanship.

Beth thanked me for saving her life. I said " Only doing my duty "

We had a group huddle to decide what to do next. Machete man seemed to be a little more relaxed with me and my team.

To be continued......

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