The Battle of Britain - continued

Wednesday night saw 'Stuffy Dowding' and 'Herman' face off over a Bertheir wargames campaign manager strategic map of the channel.

The first encounter witnessed a pair of Bf110's flying toward an RAF airfield.

They were intercepted by a flight of Gloster Gladiators.

The Bf110 is heavily armed and a tough plane.

The engagement was vicious and was witness to some unorthodox RAF manoeuvres.

The RAF were successful in driving the Luftwaffe off.

The next battle took place over the port of Calais.

Bf109's on patrol sight a single approaching aircraft from the west.

The aircraft was quickly identified as a Spitfire.

Despite the best efforts of the patrol, the Spitfire races past them and flys over the channel port and safely returns home.

Back in Blighty, an intelligence officer examines a photograph of the port. He has a worried frown on his face. The Germans are gathering sea going vessels in the port.....

To be continued.....


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