Star Wars - Armada

Last night we played a game of this at a Secret Wargaming Friends home. It was a no frills game, concentrating on getting to know the basics and I had a blast.....

I was fortunate enought to command this mighty Star Destroyer.

My opponent was in command of the rebel fleet.

A Rebel frigate - his flagship.

Each side had several squadrons of fighters, and the Rebels also had a corvette....

Tie fighters

Rebel x-wing fighters with the corvette in the background.

We quickly closed to battle, and the rules, even the basic ones we played last night, gave it, in my humble opinion, a good feel for the fictional universe of Star Wars.

The Imperial fleet majestically manouvres toward the rag-tag rebel armada. I swore I could almost hear Vaders heavy breathing over my shoulder...only to realise that my opponents good lady had brought some biscuits to the table, some of which my opponent was particularly fond of.....

The two fleets converge, four squadrons of my fighters racing ahead.

The big ships begin their slow dance of death.

My fighters engage the enemy.

The enemy Flagship makes an error of trading fire close in with the star destroyer.....and quickly explodes.

Meanwhile my opponent was picking off my fighter squadrons at an alarming rate.

Other squadrons quickly close on the corvette, which was running rings around the much bigger Star Destroyer. A heavyweight v bantam.

Another vicious skirmish was saw more Imperial fighters destroyed.

The last turn came down to my Star Destroyer taking on two rebel fighter squadrons and the corvette.....

The rebels could not inflict a fatal blow on the Imperial Behemoth and I was declared the winner on points...

I heartily recommend this game.


  1. A great write up. But you are in trouble with Mrs G!


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