The Battle of Britain - Wednesday night wargaming

Using the free wargames campaign software we fought the opening salvos of a Battle of Britain mini campaign.

Berthier is used to manage hidden map movement between the players, and any 'on map' contact is resolved using Wings of Glory (war) rules and models.

It was designed to be quick, interesting, and attempted to capture the flavour and main issues of the actual battle.

A flight of Gloster Gladiators from No 247 Squadron found themselves engaging the first Luftwaffe attack against RAF Manston early on day 1.

The Luftwaffe formation approached the airfield as the British fighters scrambled to intercept.

The two formations quickly closed the distance. The pilots in the Gladiators noted the swift manoeuvrability of the German Bf109's.

Soon the neat formations merged into a frantic dog fight, some aircraft nudging each other mid flight.

The Glosters prevented the German bombers reaching the airfield, claiming a JU87 in the process - the enemy pilot ejecting and later captured by a patrolling unit of the Home Guard.

The Luftwaffe quickly exacted revenge by downing one of the elderly biplane fighters.

In the meantime, over a Chain Home site another vicious battle was taking place.

A HE111 escorted by two Bf109 approached the station.

No 43 Squadron RAF scramble to meet the threat. " We have trade for you"

Again the opposing forces close the gap quickly.

Another deadly dog fight ensued, and two Hurricane of 43 Squadron were shot down, one plane exploded. The second pilot bailed out and later returned to his squadron uninjured.

The bomber dropped her deadly load on the Chain Home station, but missed and caused no damage.

Later that afternoon, the Italian airforce joined the fray, attempting to bomb RAF Manston.

They were greeted by a pair of Spitfire from 64 squadron.

Fearing the worst, the Italian planes turned away from the threat, and eventually reached the safety of the coast.

The first day of the battle ended with the following statistics:
3 x RAF fighter aircraft shot down
1 x Luftwaffe bomber shot down

To be continued......


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