All the nice girls love a sailor, all the nice girls they love a tar......

Wednesday night, my secret wargaming friend put on a WW1 game with his brand new shiny Naval Brigade making their debut.
Jolly Jack

An overview of the battleground. The Brits entering from the bottom right of the table.

I was officer commanding the naval brigade, and had a two section landing party, supported by some Scots.

The British senior commander was played by another secret wargaming friend and he was in command of elements of the BEF.

We were tasked with blowing a bridge to prevent the Hun advancing, and rescuing two downed RFC pilots.

My naval landing party were not impressed with the locally advertised drag act, they had seen better at a 'Sods Opera' aboard ship.

The Colonel came up with a rather daring and good plan. Advance quickly, but leave a small search party to look for the pilots. Our money was that they would be on the enemy side of the river.

It wasn't long before the Bosch arrived on table. A group of Jaegars tangled with some fiery Glaswegians in kilts. Not necessarily a good idea.

I have to say my good friends terrain is exquisite

His attention to detail was immaculate.

The swine shifted nervously in their pen. Our money was on the daring chaps of the Royal Flying Corps sheltering here. After all, they love their 'snorkers'.

Sooner than expected, the pilots were found, hiding not far from the British start position. The colonel's plan paying dividends at an early stage. It wasn't long before Coward and Faversham were back at the squadron.

A close up of the advanced party of Jaegars.

The Scots were in decent cover.

Soon sections from the Colonels command joined them on the left flank.

The Colonel, who may have appeared, at first glance, a bit doddery with his walking stick, crossed the bridge, supported by a team carrying a borrowed Belgian Lewis gun.

He saw some Ulhans riding at speed toward him.

A frantic signal for help was...well...erm..signalled.

Meanwhile, despite casualties, the Uhlans rode on.

Men quickly ran to the aide of the beleaguered command team on the bridge.

Meanwhile, elements of the naval landing party attempted to lay the demolition charges.

The mere presence of 'the Senior Service' seemed to raise the moral of the army.

More Germans arrived, setting up a machine gun to rake the British defenders.

A sniper played havoc with the British officers.

In the end, the Ulhans were driven off, after receiving significant casualties, and the bridge was nearly ready to blow. SWF declaring a British victory.

A sound plan by the Colonel paying off.

A good night, with great figures and terrain.....


  1. A cracking game. SWF's figures and terrain look superb.


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