Wednesday night gaming

Wednesday night saw me pop round to the home of a secret wargaming friend.

We played:

The Star Wars version of attack wing - which saw my rookie pilot get downed twice by two TIE fighters in quick succession.

My nemeses, and they remain unbeaten.......

Closing in for the kill.

I found it great fun to play, despite my obvious lack of piloting skills. However, my friend did offer me the encouraging words of advice " nobody has ever lost this scenario before when playing the rebel ship " - cheers!

We then had a fun game of:

Where I drew the medic card:

I have read some very favourable reviews of this game, and nearly bought it myself. It is a CO-OP game where the players pit themselves against four diseases in a race against the clock to find a cure.

I really enjoyed it, and it did feel that you had to work as a team, and the pressure was on as the diseases took hold.

I recommend that you take a look.

Next Wednesday I think we are doing WW1.............


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