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Wednesday night gaming

Wednesday night saw me pop round to the home of a secret wargaming friend.
We played:
The Star Wars version of attack wing - which saw my rookie pilot get downed twice by two TIE fighters in quick succession.

My nemeses, and they remain unbeaten.......

Closing in for the kill.
I found it great fun to play, despite my obvious lack of piloting skills. However, my friend did offer me the encouraging words of advice " nobody has ever lost this scenario before when playing the rebel ship " - cheers!
We then had a fun game of:
Where I drew the medic card:
I have read some very favourable reviews of this game, and nearly bought it myself. It is a CO-OP game where the players pit themselves against four diseases in a race against the clock to find a cure.
I really enjoyed it, and it did feel that you had to work as a team, and the pressure was on as the diseases took hold.
I recommend that you take a look.
Next Wednesday I think we are doing WW1.............

Jacobites - the conclusion

Two of my secret wargaming friends returned last night to conclude the game from last week. They were in the midst of a tactical nightmare, each with its own problems.
Last week the Government forces had caused just under 400 casualties to the Jacobites 180. The Rebel regiments were failing to crash against the line of Government muskets and all was going well for the outnumbered Lord Falmouth, until one battalion on his left flank withdrew from the front line. They were tired and shaken, they had thrown everything at the Scots to no avail.
Other nearby units witnessed this withdraw and it sent shock-waves through the ranks.
Suddenly, Lord Falmouth faced a serious crises in moral, and still the Scots came on. They could smell blood.
Duke of Athole committed his reserve as soon as the battle was recommenced. These were fresh troops and unblooded. They hit the flank where the retreating Government battalion had left a gaping hole.
Lord Falmouth found himself trapped by his own defensive…

Wednesday night wargame - Jacobites

Last night two secret wargaming friends fought a fictional battle set in the seven years war. 
A new Jacobite rebellion has begun, and the Duke of Athole, in command of around 15,000 men, sought to smash a Goverment Army of around 5,000 men under the command of Lord Falmouth.
The battle was fought using the computer moderated rules Carnage&GloryII.
Even with the assistance of this rule set we did not finish the battle, and it was paused at a potentially significant point.
The player playing the part of the Duke of Athole immediately recognised that his main problem would be command and control, and bringing his full might to bear on the much smaller army.
Lord Falmouth, in this scenario, is an experienced commander, and as such, began his battle in a strong defensive position. The field in front of him would funnel his foe into a smaller front, slowing and preventing them using their superior numbers.
However Falmouth was outnumbered by at least 3-1 and his main issue would be fatigue i…

Jacobites - Teaser

On Wednesday night two secret wargaming friends will be fighting over Scotland......
This man is fighting for " Freedom "
This man stands in his way....
So do these chaps.....
And these....
However, these guys are keen to get involved
and they brought some family with them.
Not to be outdone, the neighbouring clan joins in
A few horses won't go amiss...
For King and Country.
The account will be settled on Wednesday evening.......