There are Klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow........

My wargaming friends new addition to his fleet.

Last Wednesday saw the Federation, under the joint command of Kirk and Picard face off against a shiny new Klingon fleet commanded by a secret wargaming friend.

I knew I was up against it, I only had the TOS Enterprise, TNG Enterprise and a Miranda class commanded by Riker. A bit old in the tooth against some shiny new Klingons, but you never know.

Part of the Federation fleet. Kirk commanded the 'Tinyprise' and Picard the TNG version.

I planned to use the Mirander to either split the Klingon fleet in a left flanking move, and use the two Enterprises has the hammer. It almost work, much to my surprise, almost.

Riker found himself bumping into a de-cloaking Klingon warship. His measly two attack dice facing off against a barrage of five.....

Only the skilled manouvering of Sulu saved the day.

Meanwhile Kirk and Picard closed on their quarry.

The battle was fierce and saw one of the Birds of Prey being stripped of her shields.

Meanwhile, the Miranda survived the Klingon barrage and attempted to close on the Klingons engaging the two Enterprises...

The Klingon squadron quickly turned to face the new threat. Hope began to rise in the outgunned Federation fleet.

Meanwhile Picard found himself engaging the Most powerful Klingon warship on the table, a few good hits reduced the enemies shields to a third.

Close range fire was exchanged.

After some vicious close quarters firing both Riker and Kirk fell to the Klingon armada, dealing heavy damage, but not enough. Picard found himself against three Klingon ships, one of which was down to 1 hull point.

The final moments of the Enterprise before exploding. She did further damage but was doomed to fail.

The Klingons were left to celebrate a whitewash..........


  1. It was a good day to die! A cracking game full of drama. Looking forward to the next Federation vs Klingon!


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