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Red v Blue - Modern Spearhead rules and micro armour

A brief account of a command post exercise........ Me and a secret wargaming friend ran another walkthrough of these rules. This time we added helicopters, aircraft and artillery.The reader must bear in mind that we are just starting out in this scale, and with the rules. I have no 6mm trees or terrain, therefore, the pics will not be pretty.....Some of the models are also in a state of disrepair - I picked up a hodgepodge of second hand stuff some years ago, and they require basing and some need a little tidying up. This was a field training exercise, designed to put Brigade staff (me and my mate) through their paces and familiarise them with the concept of modern warfare. I took command of the red forces, which were simulating Russian units, my secret wargaming friend took charge of blue, and had a British battlegroup to command.In summary, red force was made up of three T72 tank battalions, a Motor Rifle battalion in BMP's, supported by a 122mm self propelled artillery battery, a…

Modern Micro Armour

Last night, me and a secret wargaming friend played our first walk through game of Modern Spearhead....... I think we were both mightily impressed by both the simplicity, and the excellent game mechanics. We each had a battalion under our command and walked through the rules a step at a time.

I was very impressed with how quickly we picked them up, and they just seemed to feel right on several levels.

The rules also seem to reduce the 'gamey' elements that some players may be tempted to use when they have their 'grandstand view' of the battlefield.

I like them.

We do not have very many pictures of the battle, because we were using unfinished models, and as yet I do not have a single piece of 1:300th terrain........ This was my battalion racing along and acting on their 'attack orders'They had just crossed the path of a company of M1A1's.

You will note that all the damage is caused on the one side. This was because this was the side closest to the American Armour (…