The Great War

My Secret Wargaming Friend and I have agreed that we will fight three WW1 battles in recognition of the centenary of World War 1.

There will be a land battle, air warfare and a naval engagement.

The battles will not be based on actual historical engagements.

The first of these was fought on Thursday evening.

Part of the wargames table. I was attacking these Entrenchments, and was the Central Powers commander.

I am stood on the left, my opponent on the right. Sorry for the fuzzy picture - " there is a war on you know.."

The game was set in late August 1914 and my army was advancing on Paris. The British were fighting delaying actions and this battle was to be fought around some 'fortifications' outside a village called St Quentin.

The table

The British would be digging in using these fortifications (SWF made this trench system and we were using them to represent a fortified strong point).

Unsurprisingly, my opponent chose to fully utilise the fortifications as cover

There was barbed wire to slow and tangle my assault.

The barbed wire extended across most, but not all of the front of the entrenchment. I formed a plan. It was a bit risky, but I wanted to use the 'Russian' WW2 tactic of overwhelming force on a section of the front.

I noted that he had some fearsome highlanders fighting for Great Britain - this may be a thing of the past if Alex Salmon gets his way....very sad.

"Oh good, the've got an artillery piece"

I was trying a mini Schlieffen Plan. Major flank attack against the British right flank, which was also the weakest point in the defences. I would use my artillery on his left flank, along with a couple of machine guns to cause mayhem in the British positions.

One part of the plan was better executed than the other.

My massed infantry approached the British defences. It caught SWF a little by surprise.

Meanwhile, under the disguise of 'blinds' my support pieces seemed to move over the table as if on a walk to a Sunday picnic....

The forward units began to take some serious casualties - this was not unexpected.

I used the units at the rear to provide covering fire. This worked extremely well, and soon began to thin the defenders. Some excellent sharpshooting by the Jaegers was instrumental.

The gun crew worked hard to stop the advance, but they two suffered.

Uninhibited by the slow moving Central Powers support weapons, SWF brought additional machine guns to bear on the troops closest to breaching his defences.

By this time, 18 German figures had been taken off the table, to 19 British.

The deadline passed, and I was agonisingly close to the trenches, but could just not force my way in. A tactical British victory, but they would have to withdraw due to their losses.

As Brucie would say " a good game, good game"

In the background, some Austria Hungarians were assigned to the German formation.....


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