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Today, me and my number one son had 45 minutes to kill whist the heavens opened with a torrent of rain. So we played a quick game of Star Trek Attack Wing.

Being the senior officer present I chose to run my two USS Enterprise ships against an Cardassian/Romulan fleet.

The original Enterprise had James T Kirk in command, whilst the Enterprise D was under command of Jean Luc Picard. The Original Enterprise - her first battle She was under the command of the legendary James T Kirk USS Enterprise D Her Captain - was Jean Luc PicardThey faced a powerful alliance of strange bedfellows - a Cardassian Galor class vessel, and a Romulan Warbird. Romulan warbirdToreth was her captain The Cardassian Galor class Under the command of Gul Danar The ships started on the opposite side of the table, and it was soon clear my son was going to mass his fire power against a single target - a good move. The Original Enterprise was that target. It wasn't long before the TOS Enterprise and Galor were exchanging fire…

Dreadnoughts Rising -World War One naval wargame (dry run)

In preparation for the final game in our World War One trilogy, I took a set of computer moderated rules called DREADNOUGHT RISING for a spin. Click here for a reviewNow I started naval wargaming in the early 1990's after buying a starter set from Skytrex. I got four World War 1 Battlecruisers and a set of basic rules, and eventually me and two friends started wargaming, we got some 15mm WW1 figures and ran a couple of mini campaigns. The only problem was the rules were hideous, and we never got to finish a game.

I recall moving my naval ships in millimetres and rolling dice a bazillion times to score and record a hit.

We loved it, but were held back by the rules. Dreadnoughts Rising solves it do her sister rules for WW2 - Battleships Zenith.

Now all I need are some computer moderated rules for my 1:3000th modern ships.....I digress, here is a summary of the test battle. The one we will play for the deciding game of the trilogy will be a little larger.I had two Battles…

11 days a pilot

The image of the First World War pilot was often romanticised and unrealistic. In reality, the average life-expectancy of a pilot was just 11 days.Tonight we played the second of our trilogy in acknowledgement of the centenary of the beginning of World War One.

Tonight was Wings of War (Wings of Glory).

My planes are on route to scout some allied positions. This photograph could be crucial for the next big push on the western front. The photo is a little blurred - but see if you would do better leaning out of a plane, jerking to avoid the machine gun bullets of a trailing enemy fighter! This fighter was being flown by non other than a much younger and slimmer version of a chap called Goering. One of SWF's combat aircraft. He is soon joined by a second plane conducting a dawn patrol over crucial defensive positions.I needed to evade the allied patrol, fly directly over the target to take a recon photo and escape in the direction from whence I came. Goering was escorting the two seater ca…

USS Enterprise - Star Trek Attack Wing

I have added another vessel to my collection. The USS Enterprise from The Original Series.

I have read about the model being small, and poorly cast and painted.

To be fair, it is all the above, but there is something I like about it, and you get the vast majority of the original cast as the crew players. Looking forward to getting her on the table.

I am not sure why, but this game has really got under my skin.......

The Great War

My Secret Wargaming Friend and I have agreed that we will fight three WW1 battles in recognition of the centenary of World War 1.

There will be a land battle, air warfare and a naval engagement.

The battles will not be based on actual historical engagements.

The first of these was fought on Thursday evening. Part of the wargames table. I was attacking these Entrenchments, and was the Central Powers commander. I am stood on the left, my opponent on the right. Sorry for the fuzzy picture - " there is a war on you know.."The game was set in late August 1914 and my army was advancing on Paris. The British were fighting delaying actions and this battle was to be fought around some 'fortifications' outside a village called St Quentin. The table The British would be digging in using these fortifications (SWF made this trench system and we were using them to represent a fortified strong point). Unsurprisingly, my opponent chose to fully utilise the fortifications as cover There was b…