Not more Star Trek Attack Wing

Last night The Secret Wargamers Secret Wargaming Friend came over to give Star Trek Attack Wing a try. He had enviously watched the blog describe the previous battles.....

The first game saw the Federation face off against The Romulans.

The USS Enterprise found itself under the command of William T Riker whilst Jean Luc Picard was at a symposium at a near by planet.

She was investigating a sensor anomaly when she discovered the Romulan warbird.

My Secret Wargaming friend was getting to grips with concept and rules and found himself flying a more defensive ship than perhaps suited his wargaming style.

Unbelievably SWF only got to fire once, whilst he found himself under constant fire from the Enterprise, only his cloaking device and sensor echo's helping him avoid serious damage.

The game turned into a bit of a chase, with the Romulan trying to get into position for a shot, but found themselves constantly outmanoeuvred by Riker.

SWF thought that the Warbird was a great defensive vessel, but felt hampered by her lack of 360 firing arc.

Numerous phaser attacks missed their target, but it was only a matter of time. Early on in the encounter the Warbird had suffered two points of damage.

Another barrage of photon torpedoes brought the Romulan Warbird to its knees and seriously wounded her captain.

The Romulans then found themselves in a Federation minefield and were forced to surrender as the Enterprise closed in for the kill.

A second game followed, and SWF found the Klingons more to his favour.

This was a far more aggressive encounter, the Klingon vessel clearly more suited to attack. By this time, Jean Luc had returned to his ship.

Both vessels sustained heavy damage, but the Klingon vessel exploded after a pinpoint broadside from the Enterprise.

A good evening and a great little game.


  1. So a two nil defeat for SWF! It's like watching an England game!

  2. I didn't realise that I could shoot back with my Romulan Warbird, I just thought it was a game of tag!

    1. The Secret Wargamer21 June 2014 at 09:19

      He did his best, but didn't live up to expectations!!! - exactly like England, unfortunately.


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