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American War of Independence Campaign - The Story - Part V

Turn 16

Admiral Hood arrived to the east of New York with two 64 gun ship of the line escorting merchantmen containing a battalion of Scots to New York.

In the meantime, Howe considered his options, he felt under pressure to act, and was aware that Washington was camped to the south-east of New York, and no doubt building more fortifications. Howe was very concious of his casualty rate, and desperately wanted to catch Washington in the open.

Please see below shot from Berthier showing the positions of some of the key units at the end of turn 15. I have added markers so you can identify the units. I believe if you click on the picture you will see a full screen.

There was a Spanish squadron at sea off the Chesapeake, it contained the 120 gun vessel, a 74 and a 36 gun frigate. This squadron was under the command of José Solano y Bote, and was in contact with De Grasse, although the time for messages to pass between the two admirals was lengthy.

José Solano y Bote
Washington was content to…

Somewhere in Belgium - Mid May 1940

Today saw a mid morning wargame with bacon and egg sandwich reinforcements with SWF.

We played a 15mm Rapid Fire meeting engagement. Unusually the table was spilt down the middle with a single bridge in the centre. The unusual aspect was that the river would not separate the two forces, but would split the battlefield. The view from the Allied side. The bridge was the main points scoring terrain piece, although there were four other points which would also allow scoring. I sent the Northumberland Fusiliers racing to the bridge. The Northumberland Fusiliers were a mixture of light tanks, scout cars, and carriers carrying machine gun teams or Boyes AT rifle teams. They were quick, but light. They were backed up by a Belgian 25mm Anti Tank battery It was not long before a company of Panzer II's moved swiftly onto the table... They were soon joined by a second Panzer companyI had 700 points to spend, whilst SWF had 800, but a hundred of those had to be spent on aircraft. I chose an infantry he…