My garage stores all the stuff we don't need, and my prized wargaming stuff. It is messy and annoying. Recently I have been discussing ' home stuff ' with my wife. A wargaming area was low on her list of essential home improvement ideas. No sense of priority!

I came home today, to a quiet house and wandered into the garage to find that my wife had turfed out all the needless stuff, had made me (with the help of the in-laws) a wargames table (permanent) 6ft x 4ft, along with storage, and shelving.

The table, with new grass coloured cover...

Another angle.

Now being a rufty tufty wargamer type, I immediately choked, and coughed in a manly type of way. She had put in at least a couple of hard days work (no mean task given we have a bazillion kids aged under 6). All of this for little old me.

There is plenty of room for storage under the table too, and for two seats to tuck under at the end for gaming or painting purposes.

The table with six tiles on, just to show the size.....

With some terrain representing Russia in June 1941

A church not far from the border.....

Some infantry dug in and waiting for the enemy to approach

Others utilise an old weathered trench

On a hill to the rear is a 75mm infantry gun

A Russian small holding, soon the idyllic peace will fall victim to violence......

Behind a hill is a small supply dump and a company of BT7 light tanks.

A company of T35's hide behind a wood awaiting orders

Little do they know they are being watched.......

The Wehrmacht move into position for the assault.

Infantry lead the way

A deadly surprise for any Soviet armoured counter thrust....

Another view of the 88


I am a very happy chappy tonight.........


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