North Africa - WW2

I am slowly, so very slowly, painting a World War 2 (Rapid Fire) 15mm 2nd Armoured Division to fight some Italians I have. I mentioned this to my SWF, and all of a sudden he arrived at my house with a couple of Tobruk defensive positions built using the instruction in the Rapid Fire Guide to North Africa (click here to see it)

I was a bit flabbergasted, but he said it was " nothing "with a shrug of his shoulders, " but I am going to be the Brits when you use them ", he added. What a bloody fine fellow he is.

I edited this to look like an early 1940's aerial shot of the position

A colour view of one of the positions

Ground level shot

Some unfinished models added

Close up of a 25 Pdr and emplacement

Entrenchments will provide excellent cover

Another shot of the trenches..

Side view of artillery and emplacements

A work of art....cheers SWF - I am indebted to you


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