Dogger Bank 1915

SWF has agreed to play three wargames centred on World War One in recognition of the centenary of the war.

A land battle using his excellent 28mm figures, and air battle using wings of war and a naval battle using the rules ' Dreadnoughts Rising ' (computer moderated rules).

In celebration of my new wargames table, I dug out some of my 1:3000th scale ships and looked at a scaled version of Dogger Bank

A brief summary for those who do not know much about the battle.

The fleets converge

One of the ' Splendid Cats ' HMS Lion, Flagship of the dashing Adm Beatty

Followed by the other ' Splendid Cat ' HMS Tiger

This is where Dogger Bank is in the North Sea. It is a treacherous area for fishermen at the best of times.

HMS New Zealand and HMS Indomitable struggle to keep up

A Destroyer squadron screens the Battlecruiser Squadron

Light Cruisers provide the eyes for Beatty

Under the command of Adm Hipper, in his untested Flagship, SMS Seydlitz, the first scouting fleet conducts a foray to send the British fishing fleet to the bottom of the sea.

The ill-fated SMS Blucher bringing up the rear

They too have light forces screening the big ships

and Light Cruisers scouting ahead

Surely the Mighty Tiger will devour its prey?


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