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West Midlands Military Show (W.M.M.S) - Wolverhamptom

Me and SWF attended the show this morning, and well worth the visit it was. I was asked to post a few photos by an absent friend. So here is a small sample. I am not sure of the scale other than it is not 15mm. There was a WW2 Norway game. There were some excellent demonstration games. A small section of a 28mm Napoleonic battle. I took this for another secret wargaming friend who couldn't make the show - 20mm BAOR. Fulda Gap MG? This was a spectacular Golan heights game Israeli base Israeli counter-attack

Going to a Wargames Show tomorrow

I can't wait.........

The show - click here

Naval Rules

For those guys who are interested in Naval wargames, but can find the complex rules about angles, fall of shot and armoured plating difficult to stomach - have a read of the attached review of computer moderated here

The Great War - " Sleep easy in your beds "

This is episode six of the original BBC series.

The Battle of Dogger Bank

Dogger Bank 1915

SWF has agreed to play three wargames centred on World War One in recognition of the centenary of the war.

A land battle using his excellent 28mm figures, and air battle using wings of war and a naval battle using the rules ' Dreadnoughts Rising ' (computer moderated rules).

In celebration of my new wargames table, I dug out some of my 1:3000th scale ships and looked at a scaled version of Dogger Bank A brief summary for those who do not know much about the battle. The fleets converge One of the ' Splendid Cats ' HMS Lion, Flagship of the dashing Adm Beatty Followed by the other ' Splendid Cat ' HMS Tiger This is where Dogger Bank is in the North Sea. It is a treacherous area for fishermen at the best of times. HMS New Zealand and HMS Indomitable struggle to keep up A Destroyer squadron screens the Battlecruiser Squadron Light Cruisers provide the eyes for Beatty Under the command of Adm Hipper, in his untested Flagship, SMS Seydlitz, the first scouting fleet conducts a…


My garage stores all the stuff we don't need, and my prized wargaming stuff. It is messy and annoying. Recently I have been discussing ' home stuff ' with my wife. A wargaming area was low on her list of essential home improvement ideas. No sense of priority!I came home today, to a quiet house and wandered into the garage to find that my wife had turfed out all the needless stuff, had made me (with the help of the in-laws) a wargames table (permanent) 6ft x 4ft, along with storage, and shelving. The table, with new grass coloured cover... Another angle.Now being a rufty tufty wargamer type, I immediately choked, and coughed in a manly type of way. She had put in at least a couple of hard days work (no mean task given we have a bazillion kids aged under 6). All of this for little old me.There is plenty of room for storage under the table too, and for two seats to tuck under at the end for gaming or painting purposes. The table with six tiles on, just to show the size..... With …

The '45'

I have one or two fearsome Scots in my Jacobite collection...... The ' Highland Charge ' would, more often than not, strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. All they need is a leader made of the right sort of stuff...... Someone who could unit the clans....... Someone not frightened of taking the fight to English soil. Who knows how the Red Coats fight. Who will out-fight and outwit his opponent at every turn Who can over turn the odds... Who can inspire the clans, and unite them into a single unstoppable force...... Campaign anyone?

Ps, I will have to use my AWI Brits.............(I know there will be some slow shaking of the heads and disappointment from the purists - but I ain't made of money you know!)

North Africa - WW2

I am slowly, so very slowly, painting a World War 2 (Rapid Fire) 15mm 2nd Armoured Division to fight some Italians I have. I mentioned this to my SWF, and all of a sudden he arrived at my house with a couple of Tobruk defensive positions built using the instruction in the Rapid Fire Guide to North Africa (click here to see it)I was a bit flabbergasted, but he said it was " nothing "with a shrug of his shoulders, " but I am going to be the Brits when you use them ", he added. What a bloody fine fellow he is. I edited this to look like an early 1940's aerial shot of the position A colour view of one of the positions Ground level shot Some unfinished models added Close up of a 25 Pdr and emplacement Entrenchments will provide excellent cover Another shot of the trenches.. Side view of artillery and emplacements A work of art....cheers SWF - I am indebted to you