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A Cautious Advance - Portugal 1808

SWF put a Napoleonic game on Saturday afternoon at his place, his butler showed me to his study, and after turning down a cigar, but grasping a very fine glass of Cognac, I read my briefing.........

The Adventures of Captain Richard BLUNT of the 95th Rifles.

The Battle of Rolica 17th August 1808.

November 1807 saw a French Force of 50,000 men led by General Andoche JUNOT invade Portugal. With the Royal Family fleeing to South America to safety nothing stood in the way for the French to take Lisbon and control the Country.

On the 6th June 1808 an uprising led by the Bishop of Porto – Don Antonio de sao Jose de CASTRO, took the French by surprise and threatened their hold on Portugal. To support this, the King of England dispatched troops to aid the Portuguese.

On the 1st August 1808 Lieutenant – General Sir Arthur WELLESLEY landed at Fiqueira da Foz with a British Army of 14,000 men with the intention of marching on Lisbon before JUNOT could gather his forces in strength to react.

Upon landi…