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An inconsequential engagement - August 1808, Portugal

This church played a prominent part in the excellent wargame put on by my Secret Wargaming Friend on Thursday 2nd January 2014 - Happy New Year! My brief indicated that I had to secure the safety of this individual, Antonio de Sosa Jose de Castro, a rabble rousing Bishop of Porto, otherwise known as ' The Special One '. Incidentally, he bore more than a passing resemblance to my Secret Wargaming Friend (including the garments he wore). Specially selected to lead the mission to secure the Bishop was a boys own hero called Captain Richard Blunt of the 95th Rifles, aided by his right hand man, Sgt O'Rourke. As an additional insurance, Capt Blunt was supported by Lt Lesley Cavendish and a company of 29th Foot (Worcestershire Regt). The Bishop had a small entourage and a couple of armed Monks as security, neither of whom were bullet proof. My Secret Wargaming Friend, clearly a retired man of some personal means, had scratch built and painted the majority of the delectable terrain on…