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France 1940 - first 10 minutes of the classic movie - The Battle of Britain

A little taster to get you in the mood.....oh er missus!

France 1940

A Sunday night wargame - Wings of War (or Glory) set in May 1940 during the German assault on France and the Low Countries. The premise being that somewhere in France, a French armoured force prepares to blunt the German advance.
The Allied force takes shelter in some light woods. Hoping to give the enemy troops a nasty surprise.
The Force includes some of the heaviest tanks available to the French army. You will note they are mixed with infantry - a doctrine failure that would cause a great deal of misery.
Another shot of the unit Meanwhile, the advanced units of the Panzer Division have been alerted to the presence of the French force by reconnaissance. They stop and call for the support of the Luftwaffe.
Note the French church in the background, this was being used as a temporary Regimental Hq.
The Wehrmacht wait patiently for their Luftwaffe colleagues......
More Panzers join the spearhead in preparation for a sudden and violent advance after the JU87's visit.....