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" Animated by his exhortation " - a fictional First Carnatic War battle

A rather cold late March evening saw a warming battle between a small British relief force of 1,200 regular troops, led by Greaves of India, take on over 7,000 irregular troops of a local Nawab - led by yours truly.

A small militia force under the esteemed Captain Maurice Lee, found itself trapped in a make shift fort facing the numerous foe. The relief force marching to it's rescue. The make-shift fort Captain Lee rallies his militia in the face of innumerable odds The Indian force line up in front of the British Horse archers, followed by lancers race to the flanks of the approaching relief forceMy opponent looked at the table, and probably noted the 'slight' imbalance of figures on the table. " I have not played this era before " he said, gulping huge amounts of air as he eyed my massive army. Is this all I have? he pointed at the small number of bright red units on his side of the table. " Yep, but they are shiny and bright " I said cheerfully. This did …