May the Force be with you........

Tonight saw me venture to an area of wargaming that I have never trod - Star Wars.

Now there was a very good reason for this, my son.

Strangely, at 11 years old, he has more interest in Star Wars than my fine American War of Independence armies. He normally hangs around when I set up a game for my secret wargaming friends, and utters things like, that looks 'ok', and wanders off to watch the Simpsons or some strange Japanese cartoon that I still don't understand.

Tonight was different, we played Star Wars, using some of his collectables, and very quick home made rules.

I was in charge of a Rebel force escaping after blowing up an evil Empire shield Generator

My lad was in charge of the Storm Troopers trying to prevent my escape

I simply had to race to the other end of the table to win. The Empire had to stop me. A dice was thrown to see which side of the table the Storm Troopers would arrive each turn.

Oh, he also had a chance of Lord Vader joining the fray, or an AT-ST, or both....

The game was on.

A lone trooper sneaks through the under-growth

Soon more troops joined the hunt

Luckily the planet chosen for the battle was very earth like

Soon the AT-ST made an appearance

He caught three of my force in the open...

A fierce close quarters battle took place. Luckily the gunner in the AT-ST was not too accurate, and soon the two legged tank was a burning heap.

Shortly afterwards, Darth Vader appeared. At this point my son said that he was not going to show any mercy.....

Meanwhile, the two bodies of troops closed, and it wasn't long before my rebel force took a number of casualties. Their desperate fight taking a toll on the Storm Troopers, but soon there were just two troops left.

The last rebel sliced down by Vader himself.

His comrade shot by several blasters........

Vader insisted on a team photo as a memento

After his strange victory dance, my son smiled and walked off with his collectables, " that was quite interesting...... " and was soon in the lounge watching some strange Japanese or Korean cartoon.

I think he enjoyed it?


  1. He's not the only one who prefers Star wars to your American War of Independence armies! So there. Yours faithfully Lord Howe.

  2. BigBaldyBubbaChunks12 March 2013 at 22:26

    Hey if the AWI was 28mm I would love it - good write up.....where did you get the figures?


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