Battle of the lonely Bridge

Thursday evening saw me revisiting Middle Earth, this time I got to play the bad guys. It is somewhat liberating when you can be forgiven for just being plain evil!

The only photograph I took of the bridge. This shows the forces of evil bursting over the bridge led by a formidable troll (called Barry - much to the annoyance of the umpire - my secret wargaming friend).

Apparently, before the arrival of the evil horde, the world was at peace and all was good. Then my forces arrived to raise the temperature.

The premise was simple, I had a force of evil malcontents who were to be evil, and get at least two companies off at the opposite end of the table. All I had opposing where some chaps known as "The Riders of Rohan" - a doddle then.

The good guys were played by another secret wargaming friend, of no less fame than the author of the very fine Blog - The Repple Depple Club House. I commend this blog to you, but will throw in one word of NOT put too much weight on any battle reports that allude to any defeat of the Secret Wargamer, mere propaganda is what I say.

My plan was simple, throw a feint across the bridge, tie down my opponents force in desperate melee, and bring an off table reserve to storm across a ford further up the table. " Game over man "

The plan started off well, I noticed beads of sweat on my friends forehead, and would have put it down to the swarm of numbers heading towards his thinly spread defences, if I had not known it was his turn for the first round at the local hostelry after the battle.....

On my left flank I threw a line of spear armed Uruks to dissuade any rash charges of unseen cavalry - after all, we were fighting the famed Rohan horsemen, who had yet to make an appearance.

The riders soon appeared on my left flank, and seemed reluctant to engage with the wall on impenetrable spears that faced them. They hung around in precisely the wrong place, adjacent the ford my hidden reserve was due to cross. How inconvenient.

I decided I could wait no longer, and revealed my left flank column, and sent a bunch of Warg riders to engage the horse men, in an attempt to protect the slow moving infantry marching toward the ford.

Meanwhile more orcs, and another troll move toward the battle at the bridge. The Forces of good will be defeated, but will it happen soon enough for me to meet my objectives.

Both battles were fearsome, well the one by the bridge was.....the riders swept through my Warg riders like they were Warg butter. Note for future, Warg riders are for infantry, and should not be sent against cavalry.

This left two companies of Uruks terribly exposed in open terrain against a body of the best cavalry in Middle Earth. My plan was becoming unstuck.....


In a desperate move, I marched my spearmen toward the massacre that was my left flank hidden reserve, slowly they closed the gap.....but it was slowly.....

There was good news, the battle at the bridge was going badly for the forces of good. Despite Herculean efforts, the imbalance in numbers was telling. Two moves left, and it was unlikely I would break through to the edge of the table.

The last defenders fall to Barry......

Although, I eventually crushed the riders, killing their King in the process, I failed to reach my objectives. A victory for the forces of good, despite the terrible cost.

Now as I said, take anything you read on the blog of my opponent with a pinch of salt......propaganda....


  1. I like Barry as a name for a Cave Troll.......they have feelings too you know!


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