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Norway 1940 - a mini campaign

I am playing a mini campaign, designed to test out some miniatures rules, and help identify the best way to use the free campaign management software called Berthier for a future WW2 campaign.

So me and a secret wargaming friend are doing battle in Norway.

The turns are hourly, and hidden map movement is managed by the software. I am tweaking the sighting rules and figuring best how to deal with aircraft. I have not considered supply, that will be for another day.

All military elements are represented, troops, aircraft, ships and subs.

The purpose of the game is to test out how best to use the campaign management system.

In essence, the Allied player has a number of army formations (French and Polish troops) ashore near Narvik. A German unit (Mountain troops) has been forced out of the town into nearby hills.

There are also Norwegian troops in the vicinity.

The Allied player (me) has to land another Battalion at Narvik in an effort to decisively defeat the Axis mountain troops. The alli…