It may add to the ambience of my tale if you watch the YouTube videos as you encounter them in this blog.

Saturday 15th September so my first all day wargame for some considerable time.

As the title, and YouTube video allude to, I was fighting the Zulu.

The table prior to play

I was suspicious about this grassy area, and rightly so as it turned out.

This rock area would also feature

My briefing was concise and to the point, a sharp, hurty, spear type point

A slightly blurred, posed photgraph (recently restored) of Major Spalding, prior to his expedition.

The front of the column, entering the table. There was a distinct aroma of bacon, sausage and egg in the games room at this point. It wouldn't do to fight on an empty stomach would it?

The view down the table, seems awfully long from a 28mm point of view.....

View from the left flank section

More of Spaldings little command enter the table. No sign of the Zulu. It would not last long, my opponent was wiping the last stains of egg from his chin.........

This was the one wagon that would be defended to the last, full of British beer.

The column makes slow but steady progress.

Suddenly, and after gulping a considerable mouthful of piping hot tea, my Secret Wargaming Friend placed the first 'blinds' on the table.

This fellow appeared to be orchestrating things.....

The Zulu appear in some numbers

They looked a tad grumpy.

Fortunately my Secret Wargaming was in possession of quite a few Zulu figures.

Even more of the blighters were appearing. My bacon butty felt heavy on my stomach at this point.

The Zulu warriors are Egged on by their General

The drummer boy was dispatched to put down the range markers - a plumb job apparently....

My rocket battery would surely make short shrift of the advancing Zulu regiment

My troops take up their position, and wait nervously, although they are slightly comforted by the squat, mean looking Gatling gun sat next to them......

The chanting begins......

The Zulu and British positions. Due to the firepower displayed by the British ranks, the Zulus did not really pose a threat throughout the game, despite their bravery and courage.

I had a Gatling gun, and Cannon too - both caused horrendous Zulu casualties.


Luckily, my troops avoided the outcome depicted in this film

Even the late arrival of Warriors with rifles could not swing the battle in the Zulu favour

The line held.
I managed to decimate the Zulu hordes, but found my self only a foot or so on the table, and no nearer to Rorkes Drift. I won the battle, but did not meet any of my objectives.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day


  1. Why us Sarge?

    Cos we are here lad, nobody else.....

  2. It's that damned narrow frontage for you.....
    Sounds like your a convert???


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