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Escape to La Barquette

Sunday night saw a 28mm World War 2 skirmish game at a secret wargamers friends wargame workshop, the scenario was based on actual events during the second day of the D-Day landings.

My briefing reported:

You are in command of a Fallschirmjager Platoon (of 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Fallshirmjager Regiment):

"On June 7th 1944 the Ist Battalion was given orders to withdraw south from around Vierville towards Carentan. The Battalion was slow to react to this order and consequently the way was blocked by elements of the 501st and 506th Parachute Regiments of the 101st Airborne Division.

The scenario represents this attempted break out. The Allies will represent a patrol from 3rd Battalion 506th PIR.

In reality only some 25 men (out of 500) of the 1st Battalion were able to escape, the rest being killed or captured by the Americans. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 6th FJR went on a few days later to defend Carentan, earning the title of the 'Lions of Carentan' for their dogged resistance"

The main areas of conflict

A close up of a key area of the battlefield

Some bocage that would see a key encounter between opposing troops.

My Order of Battle

Platoon Leader-Leutnant Hans Worner-Grade 111 'Big Man' (Big Man Bonus of 1D6+1)

1st Squad
Unterfeldwebel Otto Meyer-Grade 111 'Big Man' (Big Man bonus of 1D6)
2x LMG fire teams of 5 men each

2nd Squad
Unterfeldwebel Kurt Ulhig-Grade 11 'Big Man'(Big Man bonus of 1D4)
2x LMG fire teams of 5 men each.

We were using the rule set troops, weapons and tactics by Too Fat Lardies.

I split my platoon elements into two squads, one racing up the road to grab a tall building in the centre, the other squad moving up the right flank across the fields. During the early part of the game only 'blinds' were on the table, so neither side knew where the enemy troops were.

The first few moves using blinds.....

My one squad close on the centre of the town.

My opponent managed to get a rifle squad to the centre first, and they took up position behind a stone wall, and ideal firing position to catch my patrol in the open as they move up the road.

Things were about to get messy.....

Meanwhile on my right flank, two squads of troops bundled into each other, each player believing the opposing blind was a fake........things were going to get really, really messy.

Looking across at the platoon.

My troops on the road started to take wounds and casualties....

Meanwhile on the far right, some good dice roles saw my two LMG squads devastate a US para squad.

A Google maps view of Carentan today

My troops on the road took three casualties, and the survivors of one squad fled, meantime both US parachute rifle teams were pinned, and then took serious hits themselves, leaving the road clear for my troops to move toward a river and escape.

The river in sight....

The remaining US para's took shelter in a former brothel, allowing my team to make good their escape.

The German's lost three men, the Americans took 12 casualties, with one man missing, a Pte Ryan......

Set for a sequel?

Band of Brothers - an 8 minute sample.....


  1. Excellent write up. The photos taken with that i-pad thingy look really good, puts my pin hole camera to shame.


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