Ambush Alley

The Secret War-gamers Secret Wargaming friend ran a small Ambush Alley scenario on a quiet Wednesday evening in early September.

The game table - all the terrain and buildings owned or made by my opponent

I played Blue Force, and controlled two fire teams and a single command figure. My task was to rescue two Green force police officers holed up in a petrol station. As luck would have it, my team were on foot, and the petrol station was located at the far end of the table. All I had to do was navigate through a rabbit warren of buildings and alleyways crawling with insurgents. A breeze then.......

The petrol station on the left

My chaps form up at the "go" line just after the briefing

My plan was to send a team to the nearest highest building for "overwatch", and send the second team scurrying down the alleys to rescue 'Plod'.

There were a lot of buildings to hide in......if you were an insurgent

A group of Red Force insurgents waiting to buy their newspapers and fags.....

More heavily armed men walk the streets, I had a feeling that my first plan could be flawed

The building on the left was my first objective

The team make a cautious approach

The bunker in the distance was the first building of concern, it was searched and fortunately found to be empty.

A group of insurgents wonder if they have gone over time on the tacograph....

The view from the ground

Blue force team close on the first objective "contact, contact, contact"

After a brief and violent close quarters assault, the team took the first objective. They were soon faced with numerous insurgents. "Poontang"

"Mable this is Crazy Horse, objective secured, I repeat, objective secured. Out"

Insurgents take to the rooftop to fire at the team. Note the poster of my Secret Wargaming Friends favourite romantic foreign cinema film....

You can get a reasonable sized property, with a pool, close to the town centre and local amenities for less than a thousand goats.....

More insurgents move into range

My team held the advantage and started to open fire on the numerous Red Force insurgents, causing close to 30 casualties, to no loss within an hour.

Confirmation that the rule of law had broken down.....

After surprising myself with the effectiveness of the firepower of Blue Force, I decided to take the opportunity of sending a snatch squad to rescue the police officers trapped in the petrol station.

2nd Team run the gauntlet, with 1st team on overwatch like guardian angels

The team make it, and escort the police to safety.

A happy ending to a great evening


  1. Hi Secret, the terrain looks very good indeed, is it bought or homemade?


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