"Only two things come out of Texas............."

A stormy, windswept Friday evening so a vicious encounter, in 28mm, between an Apache raiding group, and some peaceful, yet slightly sinister cowboys under the command of an interestingly named leader, Dewitt Pucket. Try saying that with a mouth full of Doritos.

The peaceful ranchers going about their peaceful daily life, in peace

I played the cowboys, although my fellow gamers, the umpire, and the leader of the raiding party seemed a little uncomfortable with my leather chaps

The rules, I believe were Games-workshop, Wild West, and were ideally suited to the skirmish game. I had only played once before, and to be frank, I was a little rusty on the game mechanics.

The premise, my posse had returned to their home base to re-supply after spending some days chasing an Apache raiding party. This was part of a wider campaign, and I had been kindly invited to play the part of my umpires posse. How nice.

Two of my boys kept guard whilst the rest drank whiskey and chased the local dancing girls

With the words " Don't do anything stupid with my posse" from my clearly worried umpire/host, ringing in my ears, I made my plan to capture or, preferably kill, any Apaches silly enough to come into my ranch.

I had two lines of defence to slow any approach, and a mobile reserve kept off table. Inwardly I smiled, my poor helpless opponent............

It wasn't long before my prey appeared on the table. " Come to Bubba"

I had an inkling that the raiders were after my livestock, and the civilians living at the ranch. They started hidden in some long grass to the north of the ranch and quickly advanced. I had four men, two with rifles in the first line of defence, they opened fire.............

One of my posse, with a buffalo gun, covers the retreat of the farmers as the raiding party quickly approaches.

Two others take to a high point in the ranch

Incidentally (as my host pointed out once or twice) he had scratch built all the stuff on the table, apart from the trees, table cloth and hills. Flash git!

"Crack" my posse opened fire at long range, and looking at my dice rolls, had clearly drank too much whiskey. They missed, and due to their antiquated weapons (muskets) spent the next turn reloading

Meanwhile the Apaches grew ever nearer. Clearly going to outclass my defenders with some of their group in possession of shiny new repeating rifles.

Time to play my trump card, the mobile reserve, lead by none other than Dewitt Pucket - I had strick instructions to look after him. He is due to marry a local girl called Fiona Anspade. They are going to have a double barrelled family name. Yep, you guessed it - Puckett-Anspade

The raiding party moved with their weapons range, whilst I was still loading, and quickly made their mark. "crack"...... And before I knew four of my defenders were lying mortally wounded on the ground. And still the Apaches moved relentlessly forward

Meanwhile, the hogs move nervously in their pen

A quick change of plan, my remaining men, and most of the unarmed farmers crowd into a defensible courtyard and helplessly watch as the Apaches run off with two horses and four pigs. Humiliating for the ranch owner.......

They can only look on

An excellent game that saw me truly whipped by my worthy opponent


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