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Brecourt Manoir - A Combat Mission AAR

Last night, I had the chance to play a battle from - Combat Mission - Normandy. I recorded the action, and compiled a video of events. You will see, it did not exactly go as history records.

If you are interested in the game, click here for the website -

"Only two things come out of Texas............."

A stormy, windswept Friday evening so a vicious encounter, in 28mm, between an Apache raiding group, and some peaceful, yet slightly sinister cowboys under the command of an interestingly named leader, Dewitt Pucket. Try saying that with a mouth full of Doritos. The peaceful ranchers going about their peaceful daily life, in peaceI played the cowboys, although my fellow gamers, the umpire, and the leader of the raiding party seemed a little uncomfortable with my leather chapsThe rules, I believe were Games-workshop, Wild West, and were ideally suited to the skirmish game. I had only played once before, and to be frank, I was a little rusty on the game mechanics.

The premise, my posse had returned to their home base to re-supply after spending some days chasing an Apache raiding party. This was part of a wider campaign, and I had been kindly invited to play the part of my umpires posse. How nice. Two of my boys kept guard whilst the rest drank whiskey and chased the local dancing girlsWit…