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Strategic, Operational or Skirmish?

Last night, I played Empire Total War, and got involved in a long running battle with the Spanish to capture Gibraltar, it would give me a strategic base controlling the access to the Mediterranean, and allow me to base ships in my constant fight with the Barbary States Pirates - who keep raiding my merchant fleet and costing me valuable trade.

I have attached a You Tube video of the game if you do not know what it is - even if you do, I commend the video to you, because it is really well made, and has a classic sound track:

I captured Gib twice, and lost it twice. My last army fought well against overwhelming odds, but finally succumbed, as did one of my best Generals - I am now faced with the big decision of stripping Britain of her home army and sending a well guarded convoy to try for a third time, or admit defeat, at least in the short term.

Another factor I have to consider - I commenced building fortifications around the town, and if the Spanish complete them, it will be a tough…

Not tonight Josephine - 28mm Napoleonic skirmish game

My Secret Wargaming friend has been busy, he has painted some figures, scratch built some buildings, and asked for others for his birthday. He has started his Napoleonic armies, something he promised he would never do, because he didn't know where it would end...................... A French sentry guards the prize - a command wagon full of secrets

For a while, my secret wargaming friend has been patiently working on this project, and it has been well worth the wait. Tonight he put on a great skirmish game. I was the British commander (represented on tabletop by a suitably dashing command figure), SWF - the French, and he too was represented by a command figure (who's tunic was a little too tight around his belly).

I had strict orders to reconnoiter a nearby town, and bring back captured supplies if possible. I had 13 men for the task, and had to cross a river to get into the town.

The British approach was from the bottom left of the picture then on toward the bridge

There was anot…

Sink the Bismarck - the original movie

Before you read my post about re-fighting the Hood v Bismarck, watch this You Tube video. It aptly reflects my war game (OK perhaps I am exaggerating, but it gives you a good flavour of events if you are not already aware)

WW2 naval wargaming - Battleship Zenith computer moderated rules

Saturday, and a quiet interlude between Easter weekend family duties and responsibilities saw this war-gamer disappear from the hustle and bustle of daily life to the sanctuary of his war games den (sounds posh, but it just means a table in my garage - although I can lock myself in if I wish, and ignore the world by playing loud martial type music).

I am a naval war-gamer! - there, I have said it, I feel better that it is now out in the open, a niche interest in a niche hobby?

Luckily, I have some wargaming friends close by, and I can always con them into a game or two.

I use Battleships Zenith for World War 2 - click here for further info

This allows a very quick, but very accurate simulation of naval battle. The players get on with the world of being an Admiral, the computer does the glamorous number crunching bit, but everything else is the same from measuring your move, to plotting the gunnery distance between the ships - all the computer does is calculate the number of hits, the armo…

Rapid Fire - The battle for Greece April 1941

Wednesday night saw a secret wargaming friend re-introduced to the Fast play WW2 rules, Rapid Fire. The rules feel like an old friend, and are one of my oldest rule sets. The portion of Greece to be fought over

The premise was an Axis armoured thrust south to capture a bridge protected by a hotch potch British scratch force. I was keen to show my opponent the various aspects of the rules, so I generously gave him a whole unit of conscript Italian armour and infantry - how nice of me. The Italian advance column enters the table

The Axis faced a half battalion of dug-in British infantry, supported by a platoon of cruiser tanks. There was a possibility of the remaining ten tanks of the company joining the battle. In addition the British had some universal carriers, and ten Mk VI light tanks. The aim was to hold a bridge over a narrow river. The bridge - with Italian armoured cars racing to capture it

My opponent raced straight for the bridge, sending ten armoured cars, with a company of M11 ta…

American War of Independence campaign

This campaign is still very much alive and kicking. A naval battle was fought last night between British and French squadrons, somewhere off the east coast of the 13 colonies. Now, I am bending campaign rules by putting the battle on the blog so soon after the event, and I have to be careful what I say - so please dear reader, forgive me, if on occasion, I appear a little vague. The British squadron under the direct command of Admiral GravesAdmiral Graves, and his squadron of four ship of the line, and a sloop, had been in pursuit of a smaller French squadron for nearly a week, following a brief skirmish a few days before.

The French squadron under the command of Admiral Des Touches, was half the size of the British squadron, with just two ship of the line and a frigate (which was minus part of its mainmast that had been shot away in the skirmish earlier in the week).

The British had completely surprised Des Touches, who had to rely on the speed of his vessels to extract himself from t…