World War 2 and Wings of war

My favourite period is World War 2, it always has been, and I think always will be. My secret wargaming friend (SWF - to those who know him), and I, if I say so myself, have a fantastic WW2 15mm collection of the stuff. We could run a very good early war campaign between us.

Anyway, I have always fancied a game of Wings of War, prior to the land battle, to establish who, if anybody, had air supremacy for the game, or modelling a pre-game strike on some valuable target etc, etc (you get my drift?).

Wings of War 1/200 scale JU87

JU87 escorted by a deadly ME109

The RAF speed to intercept - 2 hurricanes, I swear Douglas Bader is the pilot in the lead airplane?

French Dewoitine D520's - fortunately for the Luftwaffe, France only had two squadrons of these available

Legendary Spitfires. The RAF and Prime Minister kept them for home defence......

I am tempted to put two linked battles on for my SWF, and MG - first an air battle, one evening, followed by a land battle.....................Now where did I put my Belgium 15mm unit?


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